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Museum Tower To File Lawsuit Against Nasher?

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This is amazing. The Morning News is reporting that negotiations between the Nasher and Museum Tower have “all but broken down” and that it is almost certain that the owners of the tower will file a suit against the Nasher because Museum Tower is having trouble selling condo units due to public criticism.

I’m trying to think of an analogy for this situation. Here’s the best one I can come up with: a guy moves in with his girlfriend. They live in a small town. After a couple weeks, the guy starts smacking her around. At first, the girl keeps quiet. She doesn’t want to make trouble. But after months of getting punched and choked and otherwise abused, she decides she has had enough. She tells everyone in town about this horrible man and what he has been doing to her. Next thing you know, the guy can’t get a job because everyone knows he’s a terrible person who hits women. But rather than apologize and do penance and seek counseling and reform his evil ways, you know what does? He sues the girl for defamation. It’s her fault he can’t get a job.

We had an opportunity here. The world is watching to see how Dallas fixes this problem. I’m afraid that the entire city is about to step into the role of that abusive boyfriend.

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