Museum Tower To File Lawsuit Against Nasher?

This is amazing. The Morning News is reporting that negotiations between the Nasher and Museum Tower have “all but broken down” and that it is almost certain that the owners of the tower will file a suit against the Nasher because Museum Tower is having trouble selling condo units due to public criticism.

I’m trying to think of an analogy for this situation. Here’s the best one I can come up with: a guy moves in with his girlfriend. They live in a small town. After a couple weeks, the guy starts smacking her around. At first, the girl keeps quiet. She doesn’t want to make trouble. But after months of getting punched and choked and otherwise abused, she decides she has had enough. She tells everyone in town about this horrible man and what he has been doing to her. Next thing you know, the guy can’t get a job because everyone knows he’s a terrible person who hits women. But rather than apologize and do penance and seek counseling and reform his evil ways, you know what does? He sues the girl for defamation. It’s her fault he can’t get a job.

We had an opportunity here. The world is watching to see how Dallas fixes this problem. I’m afraid that the entire city is about to step into the role of that abusive boyfriend.


  • Capasso

    But Your Honor, did you see what the museum was wearing? It was obviously asking for it.

  • D. Shapiro

    This is brilliant! Then they can sue themselves for the increasing public criticism they will cause to be heaped upon themselves from the impending lawsuit! Not only are they dumb, but they’re dumb too!

  • My2Cents

    Is it possible that they are having trouble selling units because the starting price is reportedly $1,000,000? For $1,000,000 I can buy a pretty nice place in the park cities with a pool and fantastic school system. Worst idea ever, but way to go police and fireman’s fund.

  • towski

    Derp derp derp derp derp.

    Brilliant. It’s like they’ve hired a team of monkeys to handle this thing for them.

    Wait. Don’t sue me.

  • The Museum Tower gambit (if they do sue) will fail. Here’s why: if sales are really hurting because of the bad press, then a lawsuit will only galvanize people against the tower. Sales will suffer even more.

    It is one thing to to be stupid (by erecting a large structure without first considering the consequences of your actions). Stupidity can be forgiven. But to be a bully?

  • towski

    @My2Cents – Maybe you’ll pick one up in 2 years when the 95% vacancy rate leads to substantial markdowns.

  • JR

    Towksi- It will be a 42 story eyesore of an apartment building soon as the lack of sales will turn it into a Gables or Post project. Many projects have started off with grandiose plans like Sughrue and company started with Museum Tower only to end up on the market as rental apartments. See the Palomar.

  • towski

    The Palomar, 1900 McKinney, The House, etc. etc.

  • Stells

    My2Cents explains exactly why my husband and I are NOT going to be looking at any condos in the Arts District in 6months to a year when we’re looking for our first home purchase. It’s the perfect area for us and our adorable dogs….but no way am I paying that much when I can skip down the road to the M-streets for a brand new build or hop over the highway to HP for a decent home with a yard….and amazing school districts to boot.

  • Dean

    after it’s all said and done and the Tower is still looming over our heads at 11% occupancy, I’d certainly live there if it’s around $1k per month.

  • mike

    School system, stool system – what about food trucks?

  • Brandon

    The only thing that is going to fix this problem is money. A lot of it.

  • Moztef

    Think of museum tower as an extended metaphor for the state of capitalism in the US. I think Ray Nasher left us a legacy that proves that making money and doing the right thing do not have to be mutually exclusive.Tower folks have been acting in bad faith since breaking the original covenant with Ray Nasher and they have continued to double down, down, down.

  • Here’s how Museum Tower SHOULD have been built:

  • Bill Marvel

    Did somebody say lawsuit? Speaking for myself, I’d like to be the first to welcome our new glittery neighbor.

  • Downtownist

    A. I’m an a*hole, so sue me.

    B. Wait, no, I’ll sue you. Why? See point A.

  • D town

    Can we all get in on a lawsuit against Museum Tower for defamation of our city’s character ? Ashamed to be living in Dallas when outsiders see our city as the “a**hole beating boyfriend”. Stay “glassy” Dallas!

  • ouch

    You’d think that the tower would have a better website for all the money they have spent. First impressions are everything and it’s not looking to good for them.

  • mlc

    It’s kind of awesome that the museum tower website intro includes a picture of the Nasher.

  • Sotiredofitall

    What percentage of the Dallas population has been to the Nasher? What percentage of the Dallas population can afford a Museum Tower apartment?

  • Frank Wright

    Brilliant wormhole they’ve found. Cause a nuisance to your neighbor. Neighbor complains and causes your value to decrease. You sue for losses. Lawsuit proceeds pay for repairs to your property to get rid of nuisance. I say they should use the money to plant vines. Lots of vines.

  • Bill Marvel

    I don’t have any legal training, but think I can be of help:
    Comes now before This Honourable Court Plaintiff M.T., who pleads and avers that:
    Defendant, SC, having established due possession and residency upon certain properties, hereafter referred to as “certain properties,” did in the course of so residing thereon by means of an improvement upon same certain properties, viz., Defendant’s nose, interfere with the legal right of the Plaintiff, who came to establish due possession and residency on an adjoining property, to swing his arms and fists freely in a manner allowed by law, in such a way that said nose was brought into contact with Plaintiff’s fist, thereby causing Plaintiff tortuous damage, pain and loss of earnings. Plaintiff MT further avers that continued presence of Defendant’s nose constitutes a taking of Plaintiff’s rights within the law, viz., to freely swing his arms and fists; and that, further, by improperly drawing attention and sympathy unto himself and falsely claiming damage to said nose, Plaintiff has caused a libel upon Plaintiff, damaging Plaintiff’s reputation and prospect of future earnings.
    Whereby Plaintiff asks this Honourable Court for damages and redress in an amount to be determined; for removal of the offending nose, or in the alternative, that some such structure as the Court may order be erected at Defendant’s expense to protect Plaintiff’s arm and fist from further damage.

  • Bill Marvel

    Correction, in second to last paragraph: “Defendant has caused a libel upon Plaintiff…”
    My secretary was out today and I had to type this myself.