Museum Tower Bullies: Delia Jasso, Jerry Allen, Sheffie Kadane, and Scott Griggs

Four members of the Dallas City Council sit on the board of trustees for the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, the entity that owns Museum Tower. They are Delia Jasso, Jerry Allen, Sheffie Kadane, and Scott Griggs. Presumably when it comes to something like possibly suing the Nasher for having the audacity to be there and you know, get cooked by reflected radiation, those four councilmembers would have something to say about it.

It is one thing to be stupid. To have erected 42 floors of mirrors without first considering the impact on nearby properties — that’s stupid. But stupidity can be forgiven. Mistakes can be corrected.

Being a stupid bully, on the other hand, that’s something else entirely. That’s intentional. If Museum Tower files suit against the Nasher, then we know what to think of Delia Jasso, Jerry Allen, Sheffie Kadane, and Scott Griggs.


  • Chris

    or, it’s even dumber to not have seen this in the development and approval phase. And tried to stop it then.

  • My2Cents

    The worst of this is that the pension fund is going to take a hit. Due to the incredibly low interest rates unfunded pension liabilities are sky rocketing. Making bad investments in condos in downtown Dallas (not exactly known for its incredible downtown) exacerbates the problem. City of Dallas tax payers get stuck with the bill at the end of the day. So we get to pay for a “towering inferno” that destroys one of the best things that downtown Dallas has to offer. All in all, exactly what we should have expected from Dallas.

  • joeat

    I so agree with Chris. If the Tower is so bad, who and how did it ever get approved? Somebody was asleep at the switch.

  • Dstephen

    Ask former Mayor (aka “business man”) Tom Leppert …. This project was dead in the water until he managed to put the Pension Plan on the front line to fund it. O … and where is now ? Long Gone …..

  • mike

    Nobody has ever been hurt by commercial real estate in Dallas.

    just kidding I used to work for the RTC

  • The Devil

    This story just gets better and better.

  • The better question is why is the pension fund buying speculative real estate? We are talking about folks retirement accounts, right? Selling those units was going to be hard without the Nasher mess. I feel bad for the Police and Fire Fighters who are going to lose their shirts in this mess. Maybe they could turn the building into a retirement home for elderly policemen and fire fighters?

  • notPC

    Allen has ties to a bank.
    I wonder what bank is responsible for the pension fund.
    (sidebar: he also, like most members of city hall, ignores his constituents)
    Not a fan.

  • Spartacus

    Tim, has D reached out to the four City Council members who sit on the DPFPS and asked for comment, or better yet, filed FOIA requests with their offices regarding the situation? I would think that their constituents–the residents who elected them, not the DPFPS constituents–would like to know where they stand so that they can make their feelings known to their City Hall offices. (However, as notPC suggests, that may not make a difference.)

  • Sotiredofitall

    Dallas is a carousel of nonsense; can we get back to the DISD staff salary, or JWP vs FBI, or EBJ graft, or Rev Jeffries vs Mormons (or is he now for Mormons), or Tollroads vs levees, ………………………………

  • Edward

    I’ve always wondered exactly what strings were pulled/palms were greased to get the pension fund to make this investment.

    There are a LOT more real estate investment opportunities with much lower risk (and maybe higher returns?), but the pension fund chose this one?

    What is the exact process the pension fund uses to determine what to invest in, and was every proper step followed in this case? Do police and firemen have the right to sue the people running the pension fund?

  • Brad

    I am more disappointed about my city every day. The graft is unbelievable.

  • tom

    Tells me there were a bunch of dummies sitting on the board that got suckered into making this investment……