Morning News: ‘For Gosh Sake, Stay Out of the Sun’

Today’s Dallas Morning News is playing catch-up to Zac, offering tips for surviving the summer:

Water – not Dr Pepper and certainly not beer – is what your body needs to cool from the inside. This time of year, you can’t drink enough. Heat injury – marked by heavy sweating, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, nausea, weak but rapid pulse and headaches – is no joke. There’s bearing up, and there’s stupid. Even high school football coaches have figured that out.

For gosh sake, stay out of the sun as much you can.

Gee willikers, such salty language from a family newspaper.


  • Jimmy Mac Rohni

    The Dallas Morning News has long prided itself on public service and this insightful editorial comment regarding the dangers of the unexpected summer weather in North Texas is one more good example of how we’re efforting to surface the best of our work for our key prime delivery area subsribers and our vibrant pay wall penetrants.
    As we raise the company flag in triumph once again, we note that you may also avoid underarm sweat rings by staying indoors or by buying two copies of our Wednesday edition and strapping one in each armpit — we are offering these for sale on our marketing website under the brand name “Soak-it-Baby-Soak It Drypads.”
    In these difficult times, the area’s most significant news product must lead the way to a more comfortable intellectual existence — no need to think too hard when it’s this hot.. FYI: Rooms for rent in our exclusive downtown high-rise.