Matthew McConaughey Tents up for his Wedding Today

Word is making the rounds in Austin that Bernie co-star Matthew McConaughey and his fiancé Brazilian model Camila Alves have literally set up camp with 42 air-conditioned tents in their backyard for guests to spend the weekend. The occasion? They are getting married today.

For their honeymoon, the alleged newlyweds will be at the Rangers Ballpark at Arlington Friday with Nelson Cruz to promote the Texas Rangers Foundation’s Just Keep Livin program.


  • Michelle Saunders

    As a girl who has been dragged along to one too many (and by one I mean ten) camp trips, the idea of staying in a tent (air-conditioned or not!) for someone’s wedding is less than pleasing. Add Matthew McConaughey into the mix, however, and I could probably be persuaded pretty easily. I know, I know…how very typical of me!