Leading Off (6/8/12)

That Boo Boo You Dew Dew. Some say that when Gov. Rick Perry endorsed Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for senate (in a race where he’s facing a runoff election with Ted Cruz), people booed. Perry says they were saying “Dew.” Well, sirs, I would also posit it could be any of the following: foo, poo, loo, crew, new, shoe, too, you, hew, queue, chew, moo, brew, flew, woo, who, and clue. Phew.

Garland Man Defends Garden, Is Beaten. I garden. I know it’s hard work. So I totally get where Wes Hightower was coming from when he told the guys in the SUV driving through his yard and garden that he was going to “beat the so-and-so” out of them. But then they started beating him about the head. But then he threw chunk of cement at their speeding-away SUV, and later they were caught. Maybe he can tell me what I’m doing wrong with the bell peppers.

Court Spectator Lunges at Defendant. Nobody knows for sure what was going through the head of Antwayne Henderson when he allegedly tried to jump a divider in a Fort Worth courtroom to get to Rashad Glenn, who is accused of fatally shooting two men in 2010. But he didn’t make his target, and may have sparked a mistrial, since the jury was in the room when it happened.

Drive to San Antonio Very Fast. Maybe. If you were planning to take State Highway 130 (a toll road, natch) from Austin to San Antonio, you should probably know they’re thinking about letting you go 85 miles per hour. I mean, 85 actual miles per hour, not 85 til you notice everyone slowing down because a guy in a Crown Vic he bought at police auction is in the right lane and they think it’s an actual cop.

It’s Friday, And You Should Do Something Nice for This Kid.
Listen, this story by WFAA’s David Schechter had me teary eyed last night, and it’s universally known that I have a cold, dead, black heart. Little Dyrk Burcie is 4 and is dying of cancer. His father’s friend, a fellow firefighter, has started a campaign to get people to spell out Dyrk’s name and take a picture. He will then compile those pictures into a book for the Burcie family. So go do it today, and upload it to Dyrk’s facebook page. Because we’re all nice people, or should be.


  • Bethany…spray your bell peppers with Epsom Salt–half a cup per gallon of water. Spray the plant and soak the ground around it. Once a week for three weeks.
    You’re welcome.

  • beccalyn

    I really hate cancer.