Leading Off (6/4/12)

Prosecutors Don’t Like Municipal Judges: Ethical breaches, favoritism, and failure to follow the law are some of the accusations leveled at Dallas municipal judges by prosecutors (paywall) who submitted evaluations to the City Council. Naturally, municipal judges weren’t pleased with the evaluations, and one lawyer called the prosecutors “babies.” Prosecutors called judges “bullies.” That’s how the city handles a shake-up of the municipal judicial system.

Dallas Oak Cliff Has Its Own Indie Film Scene: The crew at the Texas Theatre, which launches the Oak Cliff Film Festival next weekend, gets the New York Times treatment via Texas Monthly (and the Texas Tribune), with Star-Telegram scribe\ Christopher Kelly (isn’t media complicated these days?) writing about the tight group of local filmmakers who call the Texas Theatre home and how Dallas’ relatively small indie film scene actually helps filmmakers get things done.

Man Cuts Ex-Fiancee With Sword: It all started with a Facebook update, Darryl Daniels, 47, changing his relationship status from “engaged” to “it’s complicated.” Then things got really complicated, as Daniels punched his ex-fiancee repeatedly, slammed her head to a door, and held a sword to her neck before cutting her.