Leading Off (6/25/12)

Off-Duty Dallas Police Officer Shoots Man In Taco Bell: On Sunday morning, an off-duty Dallas police officer saw an 18-year-old at a Taco Bell with marijuana “in plain view.” When the officer approached the young man, the man reportedly reached for a weapon. That’s when the off-duty cop shot the suspect.

Plano Woman Disappears, Found In Bathroom at DFW Airport: Janice Klein, 47, disappeared from her house Friday without her wallet and cell phone, prompting a community-wide search for the woman who was eventually found 25 miles a way, dehydrated and delirious in a bathroom at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Police still don’t know what exactly happened.

Woman Tries to Sell Baby Online: A Florida woman drove to Dallas intending to purchase a four-month old baby boy from a mother who placed an online classified ad looking for potential buyers. But the woman got cold feet and called the police.

First 100 Degree Day For Dallas: Brace yourself.


  • Didn’t they already do that plot on Breaking Bad?

  • hooey

    I didn’t realize that many people eat at Taco Bell at 10 in the morning.