Leading Off (6/19/12)

Carroll Shelby’s Corpse Still in Limbo. The Los Angeles Times picks up today on the Shelby story. His seventh wife and his children are squabbling over his body, which has been chilling in the Dallas County morgue since May 10, when he died. Seems perfect for Judge Judy, no?

US Airways CEO Pitches His Plan for American Airlines. Doug Parker was in town yesterday to talk to the editorial boards of the Morning News and Star-Telegram. He said if US Airways is allowed to merge with American and take it out of bankruptcy, the new airline would still be called American, and it would remain in Fort Worth. He declined to say whether every employee would continue to act like a sourpuss and make travel as unpleasant as possible.

J.C. Penney President Resigns. Michael Francis came from Target and had only been with J.C. Penney since October. Now he’s gone. Guess how much he made in eight months at J.C. Penney. Okay, I’ll tell you. In eight months, Francis made $10 million. That’s a lot of khakis.

Dallas Man Is a Jerk on TV. You watched ABC’s new reality show called The Glass House? Me neither. But apparently a guy named Alex Stein acted like a fool on the show last night. I like the way the Morning News pitches the story, with the headline “Highland Park Grad Dons Thong, Thrusts at Married Woman on ABC Reality Show.” If Stein had gone to, say, Hillcrest, I have a hard time imagining his alma mater making it into the headline. To whom much has been given, much less thong wearing and thrusting on TV is expected in return.


  • J bennett

    Really SIMPLE question…why if a company makes its money on customer service /as airlines do/is no there so little of it in their employees?Call me naiive but accent on BOTH of those words are basic and crucial aren’t they?

  • Sotiredofitall

    Now I understand why the new JC Penny commercials had the same look as the Target commercials. Apparently Mr Francis was a marketing one-trick-pony?

  • tb

    Re: The Glass House, do the names Rhett Stein or Betty Stein ring a bell? Check your archives.


    Strong genes.

  • SybilsBeaver

    Its not all AA employees that make travel unpleasant, just a few of the skyhags who refuse to smile, and never come back to refill your beverage

  • @tb: Nice catch. Sounds like that kid and his family need their own reality show.

  • Amy S

    For sure, the headline would have read: “DISD Failure Leads to Grad’s Thonged Career”. Gah, another night in the inner city.

  • My2Cents

    Did J. Bennett suffer from the same affliction as Dave Barnett did last night? I actually LOL’ed at the sourpuss comment.

  • If I had read Alex’s bio as opposed to watching it on YouTube, I would have thought it to be a Rick Perry campaign speech from a Harker’s Heights fundraiser.

  • Neal

    @tb: Wow! Alex Stein is Betty’s grandson? His housemates should be glad he’s not packing heat.

  • Fred

    HIs surname is “Stein” and he DIDN’T go to Hillcrest?