Leading Off (6/18/12)

State Medicaid Changes Killing Mom And Pop Pharmacies: According to this story in the New York Times, the changes Texas made to Medicaid this past March created a few winners, including the state, which will save millions, and CVS, which seems to be strategically poaching business from independent pharmacies. The losers are people like Ronald Barrett, who runs Oak Cliff Pharmacy. When Barrett tries to fill his patients’ prescriptions, the computer tells him they have already been mysteriously filled by a CVS down the road.

Lawsuit Claims School Forced 8-Year-Old To Bathe At School: The parents of a third-grader at an elementary school in Parker allege that a school nurse and counselor subjected their son to a “violent” bath that has traumatized the boy. School officials aren’t speaking, but parents of the student say that after the incident their son wanted to take baths all of the time and doused himself with cologne before heading to school.

Dozens of Assault Weapons Lifted in Murphy: More than 85 high-powered assault weapons were stolen from a Murphy storage unit, but I have a feeling the guns — or at least the culprit — will turn up soon enough. One of the criminals carelessly left a used cigarette butt in the storage unit, providing police with valuable DNA evidence.

Fort Worth Mayor Breaks Collarbone In Bike Accident: Mayor Betsy Price was riding her bike along the Trinity Trails when she hit a patch of gravel and was thrown from the bike. Yes, Fort Worth has bike trails along their branch of the Trinity.


  • BrandonS

    So the school has taught this young man hygine habits that the parents have failed at. He’s been so “traumatized” that he now washes himself like a normal person. The parents didn’t care about his emotions when he was a dirty, ostracized kid, but care enough now to sue the school? Throw it out!

  • Do you see how smart Dallas has been NOT to build trails along the river. Both of Mike Rawlings’ collarbones are in tip top shape.

  • Avid Reader

    Or the criminals could be the opposite of careless when they picked up a random cigarette butt at the gas station and threw it out in the storage unit as a false trail. Bet they don’t even smoke.

  • Helen Lovejoy

    The boy, simply referred to by the name “Frankenstein” in the lawsuit …

  • Jennifer


    A government agency hurting the American people/ workers??

    no way