Leading Off (6/14/12)

Dallas Gets Kicked In The Jeans By Hail. Here’s a good recap of Insurance Adjuster Christmas 2012. A little more than a week ago, when I picked up a rental Camry after being hit by an uninsured motorist, I turned down the rental insurance even though the kid who rented me the car, whose hair had so much gel in it only last night’s hail storm had an outside shot of putting a dent in it, specifically warned me of a hail storm. Alas. Fortunately, I escaped with a few dings, unlike almost every single person in my Instagram/Twitter feeds. Damn, son. Personally, I blame this all on the Carboretum.

Judge Throws Out $14 Million Award In Online Libel Case. Mark and Rhonda Lesher were accused, then acquitted, of sexual assault. Then someone or someones (they claimed one of them was Jerry Coyle, the alleged victim’s husband) wrote some blog posts besmirching their reputation. They sued. The jury awarded them $14 million. After all that, the judge decided they couldn’t prove the people they were suing were the ones who did it, and set the verdict aside. Related: Timothy Rogers v. FrontBurner commenters remains on a docket somewhere. Watch yoself!

Whoa. I mean, really.

Trinity River Continues To Be The Most Antagonizing River In The History of Antagonizing Rivers. Dallas, Fort Worth, wherever.


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    I would say, “Poor horse,” but I doubt she felt anything.