Lawsuit of the Day Names Kim Kardashian and Mark Cuban as Defendants

An alert FrontBurnervian points us to Courthouse News, whereon you’ll find a lawsuit filed by Gino Ramano against Mark Cuban, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odam, and Kris Jenner. The plaintiff brings a pretty serious claim. Here’s how Courthouse News sums it up:

Class injunctive actions where the plaintiff claims he was in a suite at a Dallas Mavericks game that was next to Cuban’s personal suite. He claims he overheard Cuban offering to not cut Odom from the roster if defendants’ Khloe and Kim Kardashian agreed to shoot a sex tape with him. The plaintiff claims Jenner agreed to shoot it and that the plaintiff climbed into the arena’s ventilation system, creeped through the ducts and saw them having sex. The plaintiff says he made off with the sex tape and has been in hiding ever since.

You will perhaps not be surprised to learn that the case was filed pro se.


  • Mo Roney

    So that’s why they didn’t resign Tyson Chandler! Now it all makes sense.

  • Spartacus

    Gino Romano is no stranger to delusional suits involving the Kardashians (; however, those wily federal judges are wise to him (

  • Helen Lovejoy

    Ah, I see Mr. Riches has popped up again.

  • RAB

    Did Courthouse News put the errant apostrophe after “defendants” or was that your mis-typing?

  • Tracy

    You people really need to do better.

  • beccalyn

    Should this really be filed under “Law”?

  • @RAB: That one’s on Courthouse News. I simply cut and pasted.

  • matt s

    Confusing, is he suing because Cuban is so awful to see naked?
    I for one believe this, how else could Odom have stayed on the roster so long? Seems like the prosecution just needs to show 11 minutes of game footage and call it a case.
    On the bright side for Cubes, this would be the first thing ever on HDNet worth watching

  • RossG

    It looks like the posting was pulled from their site. The only place talking about it is your blog post above which is being picked up by other sites.

  • LCI

    This man has filed several lawsuits in many federal courts over the last month and tried to intervene in legitimate federal suits over the last few years. The underlying theme: he has been wronged by the Kardashians. Even poor Sandra Bullock and Elton John got roped into this mess. While entertaining, they exhibit the signs of a paranoid schizophrenic. However, if Elton John forced me to whisper the lyrics to Tiny Dancer under the threat of John Travolta coming after my identity on a sword fish, I would also lose my mind…due to the awesomeness.

  • RossG

    One other amusing part of this story is that he was in prison from 2007 to April 30, 2012. Odom was released from the Mavericks on April 9, 2012. So how exactly was Mr. Riches aka Gino Ramano able to be at a suite at the Mavericks game while Odom was still with the team?

  • David

    I have perused Courthouse News and see no such article on their site, or by following your link. Are you inventing a story and attributing it to them, when they published no such item?

  • Alvah

    Although, it seems far fetched, I wouldn’t be surprised. Desire for money will make you do some odd things. Like I would sleep w/ M. Cuban for a bit of change. If your interested M. Cuban I’m a hairy fit but chubby latino man. <;)

  • shaun

    The story could be believable, but Bruce. Jenner. Being involved doesnt fit…Pimp momma. kris Jenner. I could believe but Bruce seems to distance himself from. His wifes. Antics. But who knows