How To Help Lois Pearson

In the June issue of D Magazine, I wrote about a woman named Lois Pearson. She was kidnapped, raped, and tortured by a former neighbor named Jeffrey Maxwell. Maxwell also torched her house and car. (You can read the story here.) Several people have written to ask how they can help Ms. Pearson out. Some want to send flowers. Others have asked about donations. Well, I have some answers.

There is a fund set up in her name at the Legacy Texas Bank in Weatherford.  The phone number there is 817-613-1554. The church that got her the new trailer she’s living in now — the same church raising funds to buy her a car — is the South Main Church of Christ, in Weatherford. The address is 133 College Avenue, Weatherford, TX  76086 and the phone number is 817-594-3030.  The contact person there is Loree Ellis.


  • bluebird

    thanks for the info – a nightmare for her but what a good thing to see her story told