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Erykah Badu Bares All for Flaming Lips Video

By Tim Rogers |

WARNING: This video is not safe for work. Unless you work at home.

Well, she’s at it again. Badu and her sister Nayrok Bares (yes, yes, I know) are in the altogether for the Lips’ “Western Esotericism” video. I think it’s beautiful, if a bit hard to dance to. And I concur with this review from The Babylon Cartel of the Future (whatever that is): “1. (The Glitter) represents the woman sacrificing her body for glitz, glamour, and money. … 2. (The Red) represents the blood that the woman sacrifices in order to bear children and continue the cycle of life. 3. (The White) represents the woman sacrificing her body yet again in order to please the man.” Did I mention this wasn’t safe for work?