D Magazine Gets Some Love From the Society of Professional Designers

The Society of Professional Designers is kind of a thing. If you run in certain circles, you know the initialism SPD. Well, yesterday they named our Hagman cover their cover of the day. Our staff photographer, Elizabeth Lavin, took the portrait of Hagman in Los Angeles. I heard through back channels that the honchos at TNT thought it was the best photograph taken of Hagman in all the media run-up to the Dallas relaunch. Our creative director, Todd Johnson, designed the cover. Kudos to both of them. They do some of the best work in the country, and it’s a privilege and a joy to work alongside them — except when Todd introduces spelling errors when he retypes headlines and when Elizabeth pesters you nonstop for a week to hire a helicopter for a complicated shot she has in mind. Besides that, though, they are awesome.