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Another Post About the Homeless in Main Street Garden

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I’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy Main Street Garden and all the interactions I’ve had there (with those who have homes and those who do not). You’re probably tired of me harping on it. But I have one more story to tell.

When I first moved downtown, I was very aware of the homeless. I carried crackers to give them if they asked for food. And when I ran out of crackers, I would take them to a Starbucks or a pizza place and get them something to eat. This lasted maybe six months. For the past year and a half, I’ve not carried anything on me. I purposely don’t carry cash because then I’m not lying when I tell someone who asks for money that I don’t have anything on me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken anyone to get food.

The other night, I took my dog to Main Street Garden so he could do his nightly thing. He got to the park and disappeared around the corner. When I caught up to him, I saw that he was standing in front of a homeless man who was finishing his dinner. My dog was begging for a bite. Embarrassed, I apologized, and rushed up to get Miko to leave the man alone. But the man stopped me. He said he had a lot of chicken and he wondered if he could give Miko some. He then held up half the chicken. I told him that was unnecessary and Miko wasn’t really hungry. But the guy insisted, and I told him he could give him a small piece if he’d like to. He gave Miko a very large chunk of his dinner.

Walking away, I realized how big that small act was. It greatly softened my hardened heart. And, once more, I realized how lucky I am to have a park that allows me to have these interactions I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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