• DISDhusbnd

    Considering the district’s history over the past ten years, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is correct.

  • mynameisbill

    Well, it seems like her answering the taco question correctly, definitely(at least to me) shows her ability to assess the pulse and psyche, of the average Dallas citizen; and what they’d(and more importantly need) to hear from someone in such a position. She just might be the Communication Director(or dare I say mastermind) the DISD was sorely in need of.

  • towski

    I’m concerned this is more jealousy than outrage at this point…

    • @towski: Should I have used less exclamation points?

  • Joy

    @Zac: Maybe “fewer” exclamation points 😉

  • Only in America!

    As a former ISD communications director, I say she deserves it. After all, if she does everything that she is asked to do, it will probably lead to an FBI investigation (or something along those lines). And, the poor thing, having to make the tough choice between earning a living or getting fired (and choosing to keep her job), will need the money for legal defense.

    That said, $185,000 is nothing compared to superindent’s salary, and lord knows she’ll be answering all of the tough questions anyway.

    By the way, Zac… Great diagram!

  • exscholar

    “Only in America”: What great reasoning! That means all teachers will be getting a BIG raise! (If you were the super, that is.)