Winfrey Point’s Glamour Shot

Photo by Justin Terveen
Photo by Justin Terveen

As Peter mentioned earlier this week, it has been proposed that we build 400 parking spots at Winfrey Point. One of my favorite photographers, Justin Terveen, was having problems sleeping last night. So he headed out to White Rock Lake to capture the area with light from the full moon. This shot is Winfrey Point. Now imagine it as a parking garage.

UPDATE: As Wilonsky reports, an agreement has been reached and Winfrey Point will be mowed to allow for temporary parking.


  • Deb

    There’s a protest march from the Emerald Isle neighborhood to The Carboretum at 8am tomorrow. This is really unbelievable.

  • NoDa Bob

    Whoever proposed the plan to put cars on Winfrey Point should be removed from any position of influence. The idea that providing parking for cars trumps the history of this natural setting is as obtuse as it comes. Hey, if there isn’t sufficient parking space available to hold an exhibit at the Arboretum then DON”T HOLD THE EXHIBIT THERE!
    I’m embarassed for this city. What an upside down set of priorities.

  • If a parking garage is built there, then I will never again go to the Arboretum. That simple.

  • towski

    Here’s what I can’t quite figure out. They just purchased a vacant lot on Garland rd and built a new parking lot. Why didn’t they go ahead and build a parking garage THERE?

  • I was just about to propose a Calatrava parking garage with billboards.

  • VM

    How about they just build a six story parking garage on their own lot so it looms over you as you walk through the grounds? Or down where the stage is for summer concerts, the band can play in front of it and the crowd will have the parking garage for a backdrop instead of the lake. The Arboretum is a great place but they are going to do some real damage if they go through with this.

  • Mike

    @towski – I mentioned that lot the other day and another commenter pointed out that it’s just for employees, so my guess would be that the employees wanted their own lot.

  • Erin W.

    Agreed, Tim! And I’m currently a member!

  • JB

    @ Towski
    I wondered the same thing myself. They could’ve even built a 2 or 3 level garage with an aesthetically pleasing walk bridge over Garland Road thus, making it useful and safe. The effect would be sort of a gateway into that part of Garland Road. But then again, we residents of these parts have a history of craving/fearing development.

  • CL

    A historical marker sits on Winfrey Point. The recently re-done baseball fields are great. Wake up Dallas Parks and Rec – keep the parking garage out of the park!

  • D

    I have been a member of the Arboretum for years. Hell, I got married there. I am with Tim. If they build a parking garage at Winfrey Point I will absolutely never go there again. A bit defeating to hear things like this when I always thought this would be something they would fight against.

  • Anne

    Mary Brinegar has too many $$$ on her eyes. Who on earth would want to put a parking garage on the shores of a lake? Put one up somewhere along Garland or Gaston. Those streets are ugly enough for a parking garage.

  • jules manax

    Just makes me SICK!!!!! Does Dallas really need more cement and concrete? I mean REALLY?????

  • Helen

    As a member I am still in disbelief that the aboretum would do this to our beautiful park. I join the others who say they will not be renewing.

  • You can learn more about today’s protest at Winfrey Point here:

  • CollinBabs

    So how bizarre is it that we pave over nature to create parking spaces for people to use as they drive to see “staged nature?” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to the uber. And I was thinking of buying a house in that area but no more.

  • S. Gregory

    “More heat island sink materials around the lake will only accelerate evaporation, cause temperatures to cool down slower, and threaten the lake with storm water runoff costs and issues. Running DART on Call buses to lots away from the lake, a system already in place and paid for by the neighborhood or something in the category of mass transit, would better serve the Arboretum.

    The more native and natural the surrounding land around the lake remains intact, the more rain can absorb naturally and the less herbicide runoff goes into White Rock Lake habitat.”

  • Justin takes some amazing shots and this is one of them. Captures the beauty of our State in one simple shot.

  • Seven

    This photo is beautiful. People don’t run, cycle, and live by the lake because of parking convenience. They do so because it’s one of a few places in the city with natural beauty. There has to be a better way.

    Contact the Arboretum. Cancel your membership. Contact your Councilperson. Support the efforts by signing the petition.

  • bill holston (@billholston)

    what Jack Jett said!

  • Kim Halliburton Carter

    Justin’s photograph shows why NO PARKING LOT should be put at Winfrey Point. Look at the beauty and what we’d lose for a patch of CEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The fight over Winfrey Point is far from over. The latest documents discovered by Hal Barker leave a bad taste in our mouths, and reminds us of Mao Zedong’s slogan: “Man must conquer Nature.” Read the latest here, and browse the new documentation just released: