• Wow, I am sorry to hear this. No I’m not. Oh yes I am. He was a great Mayor. Just horrible.

  • Sotiredofitall

    Maybe now he’ll move back to NY or Arizona or where ever the hell he’s from. Please no more carpetbaggers running for Texas office.

  • Lee

    He lost votes in Dallas when he announced before the end of his term as mayor, forcing him to resign. I don’t think he gained anything from a 4 month extra campaign and he alienated a lot of people. Ego over good sense.

  • Wylie H.

    Well, let’s see— he was born in New York, raised in Arizona, went to undergraduate school in California, then headed to Boston for grad school. From there, it was on to L.A. to work for a bit, then he headed to D.C. After that, he headed to New York for a bit, before moving to the Park Cities. After a stint in these parts, he went out to Hawaii to work and spend a few years. In 2003, he came back… quit part way through his term to run for the Senate and (I guess) hopefully get back to D.C. Whew, I get exhausted just thinking about all that moving around…. wonder where he’ll end up next.

    I’m guessing he’s not going to stick around these parts much longer.

  • mm

    4 comments and NOTHING about the shirt? Seriously?

  • me

    Really. What a tool. the shirt, the shirt, the shirt ….

  • Justin

    Damn him and his huge hands! As bad as Dewhurst could be Cruz could be even worse and now there will be a runoff that could have been avoided if Leppert hadn’t siphoned off votes.

  • towski

    He’s not just another empty hyper-pandering american flag bald eagle shirt.

  • Karl

    The shirt merely demonstrates that he is the most conservative conservative of all the conservatives. The only way he’d be more conservative would be if he held a bible in one hand and attempted the shove the ten commandments down your throat with the other hand, all done with the love and compassion of someone that would like to see you burn in hell because you suggested Obamacare might save us money in the long haul.

  • Fred

    Is he a Yankee or isn’t he? Well I guess that has been decided.

  • towski

    Actually, the more I look at it, forget about the shirt. WTF is up with those pants?

  • Tom’s Helper

    Tags lines for his next campaign.

    1. Tom Leppert: the man from nowhere, with no known social circle, and no known convictions.

    2. Tom Leppert: all hands, no heart.

    3. Tom Leppert: he killed 5 Tea Partiers (TLK5TP) for this outfit.

  • mynameisbill

    The eagle on his shirt represents two different characteristics of Tom’s demeanor. The eagle’s eyes, tells the voting public that he’s got a keen, laser sharp vision with the ability to hone in on the subtle nuances(tones) of any given issue/legislation; while the claws of the eagle represent his lethal, razor sharp talons which he can employ to hunt and swoop up on, to grab hold, of his political prey using extreme prejudice. The American flag, well, if i’ve got to tell ya what that’s for….well, China I heard ain’t too bad this time of year. The skipper hat lets you know that he’s in command and is assuming all responsibilities for this vessel called Texas. The pleated khaki pants show his practical “i’m cool with being me” side. And the New Balances symbolize his dedication to physical fitness and to show Texans that he’s the guy to bring balance back to politics. God bless you, Tom…and God bless the USA!

  • CollinBabs

    I always wondered why he never grew sideburns. Always a goofy-looking haircut which distracted me from anything he might be saying — not that I ever paid much attention to that.

  • Wylie H.

    Just as a follow-up, as we all pretty much guessed, less than eight weeks after getting his ass kicked in the primary, Leppert put his house up for sale. No tellin’ where this guy will end up!

    Who knows, if Obama scores a big win this fall, maybe he will repurpose himself as a true liberal, finally taking ownership of his track record as a big spending, big government kind of guy during his stint as mayor of Dallas.