Tim Rogers Is Not Anonymous

Mrs. Rogers holds the strangest looking award in publishing last night.  Photo by timmytyper
Mrs. Rogers holds the strangest looking award in publishing last night. Photo by timmytyper

When I saw this morning that no one had posted that Tim Rogers had won a Alexander Calder-designed  National Magazine Award last night for his piece, He Is Anonymous, I was going to joke that if Tim had to write about himself winning the award, he would make some quip about Mike Mooney, or Jim Schutze, or sex. I was a third right. That’s how Tim is. He uses humor to deflect attention from himself. He shirks pretension and pageantry.

But anyone who has ever written a word for D Magazine knows that Tim is a spectacular editor, and all the great writing that is published in D is made greater by Tim’s able hand. That’s why it is a thrill to see the guy get the kind of individual acclaim he received last night, especially since he has been instrumental in so many other writers’ success. Sure, Tim’s going to use the spotlight to make some boyish joke about getting laid with his wife. But that’s only because Tim doesn’t want you or the world to know, he’s really a badass. And he deserves serious congratulations.


  • towski

    Congratulations, Tim.

  • bill holston (@billholston)

    congratulations Tim, well done

  • Amy S

    Well deserved. Congratulations to Tim and D, I’m sure it takes a team.

  • I agree with everything Peter said. Someone recently questioned my word choice when I called Tim a brilliant editor. They said brilliant is a very strong word. It is. And I stand behind it. He makes everyone’s work better.
    But I said this after I talked about how he’s also a very talented writer. (Fine, I may have used brilliant here, too.) I’ve enjoyed working with him and getting to see how he thinks when putting words together on a page.
    He deserves this award. And his wife, Christine, deserves the thank-you speech (though it may have been boyish).

  • Christine Allison

    A very big deal– so proud of Tim. And the lady behind the man gets lots of kudos as well. Great day for the Rogers family and D.

  • Willard Spiegelman

    Mr. Rogers’s dirty little secret is that–although he pretends to be a major dude–he’s in fact an intellectual with a razor-sharp wit, an editor with an eagle eye, and a writer with a taste for the mot juste as well as the proper way to organize a story. He is talented in himself, and the producer/encourager of talent in others.

    Please do not tell him these things. We don’t want this to go to his head.

  • Cole Daugherty

    Congrats Tim and to D Magazine. Last night I saw back to back Tweets from the Awards…one regarding Tim and the next regarding Graydon Carter accepting on behalf of the Hitch. Rarified company and terrific acknowledgement of the level of journalism at D. Way to go.

  • You folks have no idea how insufferable I will now be. I mean, even MORE so than before. My apologies in advance.

    But really. Thank you for these kind words. I’m so happy and proud to work with the people at D Magazine. Except Zac, of course.

  • Rose

    Wow D Magazine, a very well deserved honor for both D magazine and Tim . It’s a very very big deal.. oh my.. I met Tim very briefly during D magazine Nursing Excellence Award Ceremony. He sure is an intellectual with a sword-sharp wit and a deep dry sense of humor. I can understand his lovely wife..It takes a lot to live with a good writer. I mean seriously ha ha.. not an easy thing. So she for sure deserves honor. kudos to you as well Mrs Tim Rozer.

  • Wes Mantooth

    This almost offsets the telephone call for the guy with the “choke on a bag of ricks” comment. Almost.

  • Dani K.

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was an idiot frat boy.

  • Bill Marvel

    I can testify that Tim’s a great editor. He’s also a wonderful writer. These two abilities don’t come together that often.

  • Congratulations to Tim Rogers.

  • Lavin

    I am so glad that you went! I can’t believe you almost did not go. I am so proud of Tim.

  • Richard Patterson

    Congratulations to Tim. Slow hand…er clap in order. Seriously. Impressive stuff. Well deserved. I’m straight, but I find Tim very attractive to women, and there’s nothing wrong in that. Well done!

  • Ashley Womble

    Congrats, Tim!