• Wes C

    What a misunderstanding!

  • mynameisbill

    [Mike reenacting the scene from ‘Top Gun’ where Maverick and Goose celebrate their victory over Jester, but Iceman and Slider call foul, because they made the kill below the deck…which wasn’t allowed]

    [Mike as Maverick, the kid playing the role of Goose] Hard deck my azz. We nailed that son of a bitch!

  • BRT

    Give the man a break. Geez, you are harsh on EVERYONE. It must be exhausting to be hatin’ all the time.

    • @BRT: Less exhausting than you’d imagine.

  • Not Buffy, the Vampire Slayer


    You’re late to the party. It’s African-American Monolithic People Day. I mean week. I mean month. I mean year. I mean is it really offensive to greet all African-American people with a soul shake? A high 5? Or address all African-American women with a ‘what up girlfriend?’ Can’t we rock it old school and use the classic ‘honeychild’ and ‘Say what?’ Is that offensive? Is this offensive?
    Jiminy Cricket, Mr. Romney, is this you getting ‘jiggy with it?’