Michael McNair, Bicycling Advocate, Seriously Injured In Crash

My ex-wife used to work with Michael McNair on one of her graphic design jobs. That’s how I found out about his remarkable family, and that’s how I found out about his wreck last week. When I lived on the other side of White Rock, I used to see him on his bike occasionally. You may have heard his name before regarding urging the city to install more bike lanes and so on. McNair is a pretty hardcore bicycle commuter. He was riding south on Cotillion and was hit where it intersects Ferguson.

“You can see where he was riding along and all the sudden he gets pushed 50, 70 feet down Ferguson,” his friend Mike Freiberger said. “The GPS shows him going sideways … on Ferguson – all the sudden.”

Now he’s in the hospital — “McNair was treated for internal bleeding on Tuesday, had pins placed in his hip on Wednesday and had his left rib cage rebuilt on Friday. His pelvis is also broken in about five places.”

I don’t want this to devolve into a bunch of comments back and forth about bike safety. Let’s just all keep our eyes open, OK? And think good thoughts. McNair’s one of the good guys.


  • Brandy

    He IS one of the good guys. We miss him a lot here at his work. If anyone’s interested in how to help the family with the financial mountain ahead of them, visit http://mcnairfamily.chipin.com/mcnair-family-fund.

  • Ben

    Michael McNair is a friend of mine and one of the most remarkable people you will ever meet. He has accompanied me many times to the Great Trinity Forest and without him as a wingman or me being his, I would not have been able to go and do some of the things I have done. He’s one of those people that allows you to push yourself beyond, far beyond your comfort zone.

    I have so many great stories about him. He transcends the whole bike riding thing. I’m not sure if everyone gets that but with bikes or motorcycles or boats…many people get wrapped up in the gear discussions. He rides like the bike is not even there. Our discussions riding through South Dallas are often about really awesome random stuff like where local musicians once lived down there, old cemeteries etc. He is a coffee fanatic and will make coffee for himself down on the banks of the river, in a liquor store parking lot on Lamar, wherever. Even at 1am.

    You can put all the poison snake grabbin’, alligator messin’ with stuff to the side though. He is a Crohn’s disease survivor and part of that is he had whatever the most radical surgery is to fix that. Let your mind wander for a second and think of what that is. He calls if a Barbie Butt. He does all this riding, running around and stuff with a bag attached to his lower abdomen. Yep. That does not stop him.

    Last time I saw him riding was about 3 weeks ago on Southwestern Blvd riding in front of Medallion. I’m often coming back from White Rock about the same time he’s headed down there. Stopped to talk for a minute. He proudly showed off some fresh scratches on his bike made by a pit bull on Lombardy. He had taken a quick detour on the way home to check out a pauper’s cemetery in an office park.

    Last time I saw him, was yesterday. In the ICU at Baylor. In a coma. Tubes down his throat. Arms tied in restraints to the bed. Tough to see. Almost impossible to witness. Someone so strong, so careful, with so much good karma going for him to end up in this situation just is not fair.

    He has a wife, three kids and rode his bike to work so that his wife could use their only car. Through his bike commuting he contributed quite a bit to the Dallas Bike Plan, DART’s bike related initiatives etc. If we all contributed like he does, what a great place Dallas would be to live.

  • Ben, birds of a feather flock together, I bet you guys were a pair to draw to. I’ve had a fractured pelvis, not near what your bud has, be there for him, it’s a severe pain in the butt kind of injury.

    Zac, I know you play them as they are dealt, but damn, this story bracketed by effin’ preacher story and one about lawyers?

  • Bruce

    Ben thank you for your story. I have known McNair and Heather and the kids since I moved to Texas from Canada. He is an extraordinary guy and Heather is his true complement. The kids are amazing and you would not know they were “different”. Well except that being home schooled they are very intelligent and quite well adjusted. If you can spare a couple of dollars-one less expensive drink this weekend-would help out the family.

    Zac thanks for this.

  • Katrina

    I also worked with Mike. He has always been a happy memory in my work history since our only communication in years has been facebook. Not only is he he one of the good guys, he is an amazing co-worker. His love for his wife and children has always stood out to me because it was full of shear joy and love! He absolutely glowed and smiled from ear to ear whenever he mentioned them, he was over the top happy if they came to visit! Over the years I have never seen anyone so happy and excited every time he found out he had another little one on the way. He is also one of the most innovative people I have ever known. He has a type of strength and humor that is rarely found in combination together. I look forward to seeing Mike again!!! The prayers of myself and family are with Michael and his family for a speedy recovery!

  • Nikki R.

    Thanks for posting, Zachary. Hopefully people are still seeing this and not forgetting about him so quickly. Remember to give. One less coffee this week, one less dinner out. Everything helps as Tripp was the moneymaker in the family. http://mcnairfamily.chipin.com/mcnair-family-fund.

  • David

    I do not know Mr. McNair. I heard about his story from my wife who went to school with him and there was a buzz about his accident on Facebook. She told me about the story, knowing that I would be interested because of the amount of bicycle commuting I have done in the past. I have been watching every sense. His story has inspired me to get back on my bike and start commuting again. I live in McKinney and work in Uptown Dallas. His story has inspired me to find a way to make the trip. I truly hope Mr. McNair makes a complete recovery and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting him some day. My families prayers are with the McNair family.

  • Frank

    Bikes and cars are a lethal mix …for the bike rider. Bikes should be outlawed on any street with a speed limit over 20mph. This is a safety issue.

  • Nick

    How come none of the articles about this incident give any details as to whose fault the accident was?

    • @Nick: As far as I can tell, McNair has been unable to give any details due to his condition, so I would assume — again, just me assuming — that there is an incomplete incident report.

  • Glen

    I went to school with Trip, can’t say that I knew him since, but I’m praying for him. I know what it is like on the road though…people think because the biker is slower then them they have the right to try and get as close as possible. I sold my road bike because of close calls where people thought it was funny or pointed to try and almost hit me. I really hope this isn’t the case. Good luck Mike and my prayers are with you and yours!

  • Du-Oh

    @Frank, your brainless comments only stoke the fire. Bike riders have every right to be on the road. Now if we could only address bad drivers…

  • Frank: were you drunk or taking drugs? At 20mph, a driver has 30 seconds before he (assuming Frank is a male) before coming upon a STOPPED object in a road. Even most drunks can decide what to do in a half minute. Of course, if McNair was doing 5mph (a decent walking pace), the time to decide on what to do gets a LOT longer. Road sharing with people that are not simple bigots is pretty easy on roads with 50mph speed limits. Do the math. I have. Or shut up…