Leading Off (5/9/12)

Reward for White Buffalo Murder Is Up to $45,000. I’ve been meaning to post about the slaughter of the white buffalo (considered sacred to Native Americans) for a week, but deadlines got in the way. So now I’m getting to it. A year ago, we did a Q&A with Lightning Medicine Cloud’s owner. He talked about his excitement for the calf. Just a few days short of its first birthday, Lightning Medicine Cloud was murdered, along with his mother.

Parks Leased to Gas Company. Listen, we’ve had some issues in Dallas this past week. We have some things we need to work through. Let’s just add this one to the list.

12-Year-Old Runs Tris, Has Her Own Race Wear Line, and Does All It for the Homeless. Ariana Luterman is better than all of us. In every single way.

And This Happened.


  • Picky picky

    They got the distances wrong in the story about the 12 year old triathlete. While what she is doing is impressive, she is not running marathon/ironman distances (yet). Where oh where have the fact-checkers gone?!

  • heels

    using tollroad flood water for fracking, brilliant!

  • Wendy G

    Why is Wick or his proxy, Tim, not commenting on the Trinity toll way?