Leading Off (5/7/12)

Identity Theft Leads to Sexual Misconduct Charge (Or One Reason While I’ll Never Teach High School):Bryce Benekos, a teacher and coach at a Burleson high school, was put on paid administrative leave after a police investigation was launched looking into an alleged improper online relationship with a 16-year-old student. Ultimately, Benekos was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence, and now a new investigation has been opened in order to identify who may have impersonated Benekos online, leading to the allegations. Nonetheless, the teacher will remain on administrative leave through August, and the district will not offer him another contract.

Channel 5’s Jane McGarry Arrested for DWI: The KXAS-TV anchorwoman was pulled over in her 2007 Porsche for failing to signal a lane change on the Dallas North Tollway just after 1:30 a.m. early Sunday morning. She had “bloodshot, droopy eyes,” according to the arrest report, and failed several field sobriety tests. That meant four hours in the Dallas County jail before she was released on bail. No comment from the station’s management.

Rough Weekend For Dallas Teenagers: The charred remains of who was possibly a white teenage girl in her late teens or early-20s were found Saturday in Southeast Dallas. Police are still investigating the identity of the victim in the grisly case. Also in Southeast Dallas, a grandfather was killed and three teenagers brutally injured after a group of teenagers straight out of Clockwork Orange invaded a home. At least in this case, one of the teenage victims recognized the perpetrators, and arrests are expected soon.


  • J bennett

    Just what is it that people,especially those who should and might know better,not get about having a designated driver?Frankly with every behavior there IS a consequence…grown up!

  • James Torley

    Why is it news if a TV anchor gets a DWI?

  • Chris Chris

    James, do you know who Jane McGarry is? You do? Then it’s news. When people in the public eye get in trouble, it becomes news. Next question.

  • AK

    Public figures getting arrested is news. Sorry. It’s the downside of the career choice.

  • mynameisbill

    The McGarry incident is one of the major reasons I opted out of a life of public scrutiny. That, and the fact that, folks don’t usually care for looking at man-boobs and distended livers.