Leading Off (5/3/12)

Charges Against Deion Sanders Could Grow. According to this, Prosper police are referring criminal mischief charges against the former Dallas Cowboy, stemming from an altercation with his estranged wife Pilar. He’s already facing an assault charge. Also, unrelated: his Prime Prep Academy sounds like a scam. Also also, his rap video from 1993 still exists.

People Are Scamming Folks At Senior Centers In Richardson. Four so far. So go check on your grandparents. What, is it going to kill you?

Nike Makes Dirk the Best Pair of Sneakers Ever. I see you, Big German kicks.

Rangers Lose Consecutive Games For First Time This Year. SEASON OVER.

Read Peter Simek’s Post Again. Do it.


  • heels

    but Deion’s PrimeTime 21 Mortgage company that has an office on the tollway is a huge success…what? it went out of business suddenly and left the space empty with all of the client’s files still in the cabinets? Oh yeah.