Leading Off (5/30/12)

Neiman Marcus Being Sued by Shopper. I’m a bit sleepy, so I’m not sure I’m understanding this story. Let me see if I have this straight: Patricia Walker’s husband bought her a lot of gifts. He bought these gifts with guidance from Walker’s personal shopper. He was allegedly having an affair with the personal shopper. So now Walker wants to return her gifts, but Neiman Marcus won’t let her. So she’s suing, because she can’t return the items and because the personal shopper wasn’t disciplined and still works at the store. I’m sorry, I just don’t get how this is the store’s fault.

Parents Charged With Furnishing Alcohol to Minors at After-Prom Party. Patricia Linn and her husband hosted a party on their Milsap ranch after their son’s prom on April 28. They hired three security guards to watch over the kids. Alcohol was there. Deputies were called, kids ran into the woods, and after a three-week investigation, the parents were charged.

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  • mhassett03

    That’s the sort or personal experience I expect from Neiman’s. If I’m gonna pay top-dollar…