Leading Off (5/25/12)

Lost and Found: The Cocaine Edition. It started out last night with everyone thinking yet another white powder hoax had been perpetrated – only this time at the AMC Theater at NorthPark Center. Only, instead of baby powder or what have you, it was someone’s lovely Colombian bam bam that had been dropped right in front of the ticket counter. Dallas police say that if you lost your nose candy on your way to “The Avengers” last night, feel free to drop on by the station to identify and claim it.

Dallas Man Provides PD with Open and Shut Case. Christopher Worley walked in to the Lew Sterrett Justice Center Thursday and allegedly told officers he killed his girlfriend. When police arrived at her home, they did indeed find her dead. Worley remains in Lew Sterrett after questioning from police.

Who Wants to Buy the Dallas Farmers Market? Well, apparently an outfit called VenuWorks, and a collaborative effort called The Farmers Market Group – which is comprised of entities like Good Fulton & Farrell, UCR, and some other real estate folks; Bair Black; Janet Cobb; and The Richards Group.

Where Are They Now: The Jon Kitna Files. Ever wonder what happened to backup Dallas Cowboys QB Jon Kitna? No? Too bad, I’m telling you anyway. He’s teaching high school math.

Garland Woman 56 pounds Lighter. Mostly because she had a 56 pound tumor in her. Yes. 56 pounds. That’s like eight average-sized newborn infants all at once.


  • True story. I went in to a Chipolte restaurant on Collins one evening. There sitting in the booth across from me was Jon Kitna and his son. I didn’t recognize him at first, but knew I knew him from somewhere. At one point I guessed he was aware of me staring and gave me this look like he didn’t want to be recognized. He seemed like he wanted to just be a normal guy with his son in a restaurant, so I didn’t say anything after finally realizing who he was.

    He and his sone finished their meal, they got up and went to their car, (a brand new Mercedes with paper plates), and I guess it was about 3 months later he announced his retirement. He was a good guy in my books. He never got the credit he deserved.

  • J bennett

    IF whoever does buy the Dallas Farmers market has the ingenuity and creativeness to help to make it like the one On Boston or Baltimore….GREAT!DO it the sooner the better!

  • J-No

    “comprised of”? just saying