Leading Off (5/17/12)

FBI and Postal Service Offer $150,000 Reward To Catch White-Powder Letter Sender. One showed up at a Dallas Head Start school last Tuesday, and the FBI says 380 have been sent since 2008, by a suspect they believe to be male and who “may not demonstrate a mastery of formal English,” which is a really complicated way of calling someone dumb. Anyway, I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know that the guy they’re looking for is the biggest-name guest star in the credits and they’ve probably already talked to him but dismissed him a little too easily. You’re welcome. Rewards are tax-free, yes? UPDATE: Via WFAA: “White powder has been found at two North Texas locations. Investigators are at the scene of the Frank Crowley Courts Building and PostNet, a packaging center in the 18000 block of Preston Road in Plano.”

(Also, if you run into me somewhere, feel free to ask me about the time when I was at the Observer and we supposedly got a suspicious white-powder letter.)

Pleasant Grove Robbers Going After Teens Walking Home From School. There have been five robberies so far. It’s probably close enough to summer that kids can probably just stop going to school, just to play it safe.

Fair Park Talks About Year-Round Events. Says this story that comes out every year. And there’s this: “They also realize the events need to be promoted.” You know, that’s just crazy enough to work. Maybe. I mean, I know it sounds a little unorthodox, but think about it for a minute and you just might see how smart an idea that is. Having events and then promoting them so people know those events are taking place. See? I know, right? Sort of mind-blowing when you just say it out loud. Yeah. I think they’re onto something.


  • Brad

    I have a sudden urge to purchase GE appliances.

    • @brad: They do bring good things to life. Imagination at work! [recounts money]

  • mynameisbill

    See Zac. Even high school drop outs can make the world a better place, full of sunshines and rainbows. Have a swell day, ‘burners and ‘burnerettes!

  • Daniel

    We bring good things to life.

    Imagination at work!

    Brilliant taglines by advertising legend Victor Frankenstein.

  • Huh

    As soon as I saw the report of the Pleasant Grove teen robbed of a $1500 gold chain I immediately grasped the wealth inequality argument and its proposed solution and just as immediately lost interest in both.