Leading Off (5/16/12)

DISD Leaders Are Updating Résumés, Reapplying for Current Positions. Yesterday, 68 DISD employees were told they have to reapply for their jobs. The positions include 20 executive directors, 10 coordinators, five assistant superintendents, and a chief. In all, there are 36 openings. This means some will not have jobs. And they’ll be applying for the positions against outside candidates. This is all part of new Superintendent Mike Miles’ overhaul plan.

Deion Has to Pay Pilar $10,500 a Month in Child Support. He also has to pay $3,500 a month for the house and $275,000 in attorney fees. Of course, Pilar had originally asked for $24,000 a month to pay for her schooling, photos, and grooming. It’s all for the children, she claims. Right.

Denton Girl Wins National Handwriting Contest. Yes, you read that correctly–there is a national contest for handwriting. I appreciate the art of good handwriting. And so does the Immaculate Conception Catholic School, which has a handwriting wall of fame and a writing championship in seventh-grader Lauren Will.


  • beccalyn

    Good for the new Superintendent. I have a few friends that are DISD teachers – and their administration NEEDS a facelift. They should focus on their HR Dept. They have some messes to clean up.

  • D. Shapiro

    That is the most impressive handwriting I’ve ever seen. I’m embarrassed looking at my notes from an earlier meeting. I can’t even read them.