Leading Off (5/11/12)

New DISD Super Brings in New Spokeswoman. Mike Miles will apparently bring Jennifer Sprague, his communications chief at Colorado Springs, with him to Dallas. What does this mean for Jon Dahlander and Loretta Simon, the district’s current communications folk? I have no idea.

Letter Writer Makes Prediction About Belo Gardens. Delia White wrote in to the Dallas Morning News to say sure, the Belo Gardens are beautiful and all, but she won’t be able to use them because homeless people will take over it like they did Main Street Gardens.

Forget Booze, Try a Bat to the Microwave. OK. Maybe don’t forget booze. I mean, it’s booze, and it’s wonderful. But if you find yourself fantasizing about that one scene in Office Space, Donna Alexander can hook you up.

Because Conversion Vans Aren’t Creepy At All. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan talks about his van – and its stains.

Do You Have Plans for the Weekend? Because if you don’t, you can shoot Bigfoot if you want. It’s legal.


  • RossG

    Really? Kemp lays off it’s entire police department and that doesn’t make the Leading Off segment?

  • Define “take over.” I’ve been to Main Street Gardens only a few times (day and night), but it didn’t seem like homeless people were flooding the park with their presence. Sure, a few, but it’s the city. Homeless people exist. Maybe someone who lives in downtown has a better perspective. Is it impossible for homeless and home’d (?) people to enjoy the park together?

    Also, as far as plans for the weekend, actor James Franco will be at the Levitt Pavilion tonight in Arlington. The guy from Pineapple Express will be speaking to UTA graduates about… the value of an education. I know, I’m just as surprised as you. And Delia, if you’re reading, I think you’ll be safe there.

  • BrandonS

    Homeless people exist. They, like all humans, like open areas and parks with water features and such. It’s natural that these humans (they are not animals) would want to enjoy the park just like the rest of us. It’s not a matter of them taking over, but rather co-using it. It may take a week or two to harden yourself from all the “excuse me, do you have any spare change…oh, allright, God bless”, but give it time and you’ll enjoy the parks again.

  • 32pennies

    As an advocate for the Homeless, I take exception to the post by BrandonS

    To act like a Homeless person doesnt have special needs is to ignore their plight

    sure they have a right to use the area but they have no vested interest in the upkeep that a taxpayer would have as many of the Homeless have mental issues and of course are not capable of holding a job

    Why cant you and others see the differences instead of the “pity” you project in your statement??

  • BrandonS

    I certainly was not trying to project a feeling of pity toward the Homeless (didn’t know that was a proper noun until now). This post is not about addressing Their special needs, so I was only stating that I don’t mind Them being in the park. The park is there for people to go to and enjoy, and if no laws or ordinances are being broken, in my opinion, that can include The Homeless®.