Gossip Wars: Sens. John Carona and Dan Patrick

Cover_bigState Sen. John Carona of Dallas, the only man ever to appear on the cover of D Magazine astride an elephant, was accused by State Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston of spreading rumors about Patrick’s marriage. Carona fought back with a dig about Patrick’s sexual orientation as well:

“Though I have heard rumors regarding your marital status and sexual preferences for a while now, at no time have I told anyone that you are either separated, divorced or gay,” the Dallas Republican said. “As you know, if you truly believed I had said something unflattering, you could have simply asked. I’ve never been shy about sharing my dislike and distrust of you. Put bluntly, I believe you are a snake oil salesman, a narcissist that would say anything to draw attention to himself.”

Usually we have to listen to politicians speak in nothing but bland non-statements, so this is a nice change of pace.


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  • Bill Marvel

    Given this mud-fest, I’ll take bland any day.

  • JJones

    Senator Carona is one of the few decent politicians left. He’s probably just sick of the circus, and that’s why he said what was on his mind. I’m tired of politics resembling idiocracy.

  • Joe

    If politics is truly an idiocracy, then Dan Patrick’s rise should be meteoric. More power to Carona for calling out Patrick for the self-promoting liar he truly is.

  • d

    I think it’s a wonderfully fresh change of pace and John Carona is a smart, capable man whose party has been hijacked by the far right. he has every right to be pissed off about it. Besides, disliking Dan Patrick is really easy. You have to admire someone that is open about his feelings instead of faking it like the rest of the Republican party.

  • PR

    Good for Sen. Carona for calling out Patrick.

    As a lifelong Republican, it is disappointing to see so many self promoting Republicans running for office touting nothing more than rehearsed rhetoric.

    Texas House candidate Pat Fallon is one of those Republicans and he is turning into an embarrassment in Denton County.

  • Steve

    Hey I don’t care that Dan Patrick is gay. I mean who would make an issue out of Dan Patrick being gay? While we’re at it, Dan Patrick’s Satanism doesn’t matter either.

  • Why does the elephant look ill?

  • Glenn Hunter

    So, because Carona is a nice sensible Republican — not one of those nasty right-wing die-hard conservatives — he gets a free pass for taking a smirking shot at Patrick’s “possible” sexual orientation? Interesting standard.

  • Mayor Not

    So, why exactly did Carona not fulfill his cover story prophecy and run for mayor? Thumbs down from CIC, Hunt, Crow, et al?