Fastsigns CEO Catherine Monson to Appear on Undercover Boss Tonight

Catherine Monson, CEO of Fastsigns. Can you tell which look is her disguise?
Catherine Monson, CEO of Fastsigns. Can you tell which look is her disguise?

Catherine Monson, CEO of Carrollton-based Fastsigns International, will be on the CBS TV series Undercover Boss tonight at 7 p.m. Monson and I had breakfast on a hot day at Cafe Brazil in Addison once, so she was kind enough to have a press release (which included a bag of popcorn to enjoy while watching the show) sent to me about her new starring role.

If you’re not familiar with the series (which previously featured another local, the CEO of 7-11), in each episode the head of a company goes to work in the lower levels of the organization to observe for himself/herself how the daily operations actually work. They usually put the boss in some silly disguise (see above.)  I’ve been told that lessons are learned, and often crying is involved.

Jump for a video preview of Monson’s episode.

UPDATE: Looks like they pulled the preview after the episode aired on Friday. You can watch the whole show here. Below is a clip:


  • Dano

    I wonder how much companies pay for these 60-minute infomercials?

  • Frank

    There should be more CEO like her. All I can say is amazing person.

  • dale

    I just saw the episode and man did she look hot in the goth with all black out fit.. If she was single i would gladly spend my life with her… PS has a great smile and very nice legs

  • Catherine,

    I am so impressed with your undercover show. You brought joy to my heart.
    You are so inspirational and strong.
    God Bless you , I wish you the Best, YOU deserve it!

    Thank you
    Kelly mae

  • Geneva Wester

    This was the best episode of Undercover Boss I have seen. Catherine Monson has got to be the most generous person I have ever seen on this show. I only wish I was in the position to do the things for people that she just did. She really has a big heart and honestly cares about her employees.
    When this show first began I told the owner of the company I work for and the person directly under him that they should take the time to watch the show, knowing that they could not do that at our company but they could learn something from it. It doesn’t take alot to make your employees happy, sometimes just a little attention telling someone how much they appreciate their work can make a person feel great.

  • Bob Douglas

    Ms. Monson, I loved watching you working with your company’s associates. You’re an inspiration along with them.

  • Sheri Baxter

    I love the show Undercover Boss,however this one with Catherine really touched me. We often forget that not only the common people have problems the wealthy have overcome some of their own. Im so glad that God has put people in places to help the less fortunate and it makes me realize that we can do more for people also. Sometimes just listening and praying for others.

  • William Sadler

    Typical of most CEO’s who are ill-equipt to make decisions when they are totally ignorant about the operations of their company that are outside of their office.. How can you make decisions about operations when you do not even know what is going on outside of the corporate office. I realize that the primary function of CEO’s is financial but “bean counters” are the bane of most companys.

  • MaryAnn

    Catherine, CEO, Wow that was really incredible what you did for the man that had lost his home. He was given money for a new home, money for his church and money for a new car. Also training for more opportunities in the business. He turned around and helped buy a car for another family and bought a used car. God really blesses us with opportunities and in turn others pay it forward. God bless you also! Just an inspiration!

  • Ray Block

    I have to say ..that was the first time I have ever watched Undercover Boss. I was very impressed.. I thought
    that Catherine Monson..was a amazing woman…by the end of the show ..I said out loud…”I need to meet this woman…..I was very touched by you kindness..

  • Jason Johns


    I just wanted to say what an amazing CEO and person and women your are. It is wonderful how you changed your employees lives but more importantly how they changed your life. At the end of the show it was great to see you go and visit your family and see that this experience changed you as well . I hope you find someone to share all the love and happiness that we all deserve in life.Take time for the things that matter in your life.For those are the things that bring us the greatest joy. The world needs more wonderful people like you!!!

  • Ren

    I was very moved with this episode. I jerked some tears and I felt Catherines pain as well as her company employees. What she did was amazing and Catherine has got to be my favorite of all those shows and she ia quite attractive 🙂 and I’m 35 lol

  • Catherine, I may say that I enjoyed you more than any other Undercover Boss, your caring for others and at the end with your brother touched my heart. Please consider helping us we are a non-profit to help the homeless obtain a home of their own. Many do not help as they believe it is a choice to be homeless but we are strong and will not give up until the doors open to help thousands yearly. We have a huge fan base on face book with over 5000 people and working on doing 20/20 but we need to reach many as our goal is fifty million dollar hotel.

  • Jennifer Laveing

    I watch Undercover Boss all the time but this episode was truly my favorite. I ended this show with tears and a tissue. Catherine is the most caring, compassionate CEO I have ever watched. God bless her for changing these people’s lives.