• Ben

    I think that alligator was pulled from Eagle Mountain Lake. According to the biggest drunk I know, third hand.

    I’m certain it’s the same one in the link. I was not thinking of how big this one is…rather the one that bit off the tail. The ones I have seen in Dallas are in the 4 foot range. Guess the distance between their eyes in inches, change the inches into feet.

  • Fortunate Sun

    Really, Tim? Really? Our City Manager and commercial real estate investors are trying to trick the public into thinking the Toll Road is inevitable, and this is the first thing you say about the Trinity River? Why are you guys remaining silent?

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    Murders and rapes in the city, people bomb planes, can the police stop ’em? No! But feed one little cow to a crocodile…

  • Bill Marvel

    Gators are slowly working their way north. Lock up your poodles.

  • Wes Mantooth

    This will lead to an inevitable NBC 5 Investigates: Trinity River Alligator versus Suburban Mountain Lion: Urban Legends Come to Life. I only hope that they do it in old-school stop-action claymation and not those new fancy CGI graphics.

  • Daniel

    Ben, where have you seen gators in Dallas? I saw a no-kidding three-foot monitor lizard at White Rock once, on the little island in the spillway (it’s now fenced off pretty assertively). A discarded pet, I guess. I got scared but had a child with me, so I acted like I wasn’t.

  • more importantly

    While this is interesting, I’m not sure it’s more interesting than what scaled down my coworkers backyard fence a couple weeks ago. A COUGAR (and I don’t mean a middle-aged woman in skinny leopard print pants). Oh yeah, I forget to mention that my coworker lives in the middle of Highland Park. Either it made its way in from the surrounding area (across highways like I-75….doubtful), or someone’s exotic pet flew the coop. Either way, the cougar is still on the loose because by the time the police got there, the cougar skipped out. NOW it’s time to lock up your poodles.

  • Bill Marvel

    I remember covering a story when I was at the Times Herald about a large gator found in the Trinity just south of Dallas,

  • Wes Mantooth

    @more importantly: you should have your co-worker call Texas Parks and Wildlife at 800-792-1112 to report this sighting. We’ll never get a proper puma hunting season in Dallas County unless TPWD understands that we have an EPIDEMIC on our hands.

    FWIW, TPWD suggests that if you encounter a mountain lion a/k/a puma a/k/a cougar a/k/a panther a/k/a catamount you should:
    -Pick up small children to prevent them from running and triggering a rush or attack.
    -Stay calm, talk calmly, and slowly back away, keeping eye contact with the mountain lion.
    -Do what you can to appear LARGER by raising your arms or waving a stick.
    -If the lion is aggressive throw rocks or sticks, and speak firmly and loudly.
    -Taunt the lion by calling it a “mere catamount” and/or by insulting its heritage. Like the Irish, mountain lions are proud animals but can easily be shamed or guilted into fleeing.
    -FIGHT BACK if a lion attacks you. Lions can be driven off by fighting back.
    -DO NOT PLAY DEAD. Even children have successfully driven off a mountain lion by fighting back.
    -Report all aggressive mountain lion behavior.

    Curiously, these are also good tips for repelling a Tim Rogers attack.

    I confess, I might have added one tip to that list.

  • Eric Celeste

    i was confused by the headline. Thought you meant they found him: