Does This New Logo Have You Dying to Visit Downtown Arlington?

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t get more excited about the prospect of taking a trip to downtown Arlington? You inevitably reach the conclusion that you just don’t find the place appealing because it lacks the crudely drawn symbol hoisted atop a flagpole that would really get you jazzed about visiting.

Well, no more excuses. This morning the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation had a skydiver drop in on downtown Arlington (see the Star-T video embedded above) to reveal its new branding effort. They promptly raised their new flag for all to see.

It’s possible that this means the neighborhood has officially seceded from the rest of Arlington, but I’d need to check Texas state law to verify that, and who’s got the time to do anything but plan my next to trip to downtown Arlington after being floored by its logo?

I’ve placed an image of it only after the jump, so that you can make sure you’re sitting down and take a few deep breaths before viewing.