Does This New Logo Have You Dying to Visit Downtown Arlington?

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t get more excited about the prospect of taking a trip to downtown Arlington? You inevitably reach the conclusion that you just don’t find the place appealing because it lacks the crudely drawn symbol hoisted atop a flagpole that would really get you jazzed about visiting.

Well, no more excuses. This morning the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation had a skydiver drop in on downtown Arlington (see the Star-T video embedded above) to reveal its new branding effort. They promptly raised their new flag for all to see.

It’s possible that this means the neighborhood has officially seceded from the rest of Arlington, but I’d need to check Texas state law to verify that, and who’s got the time to do anything but plan my next to trip to downtown Arlington after being floored by its logo?

I’ve placed an image of it only after the jump, so that you can make sure you’re sitting down and take a few deep breaths before viewing.



  • VM


  • itsjared

    Seriously? They spent money on this? Not just the logo but also the fact that they needed to celebrate a new logo? Where did this money come from?

  • Jon

    So bad. I’m not sure who or what they hired, but it never amazes me how awful some logos can be.

  • Brent D.

    The designer was a kidnapper?

  • John M

    See that event and logo? That’s why I have no interest in going to Arlington, it’s all bland and boring as dirt.

  • Wes Mantooth

    I can’t believe that the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation didn’t know that if they’d only used Comic Sans, then the hipster crowd would have recognized the ironic meme-within-a-meme and would have flocked to places approved by the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation.

    This is worse than that time the bar was re-branded into Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag. With the stink lines and all.

  • William

    this is a really poor design… just awful.

  • Sparky

    Oh, marketing/branding people — may your scam of selling this kind of crap to businesses, cities, etc. never cease. Wonder what the price tag was on this beauty? (side note to the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation: whatever it was, my 11-year-old daughter will do the next logo for half the price, on the condition that you provide her with a kick-ass set of markers)

  • Wonder how much the city fathers paid for this cut-and-paste monstrosity? $5.00 would of been too much! What a joke. I’ve seen t-shirts with better graphics.

  • @Wes Mantooth: You are to be congratulated. So congratulations. Solid comment.

  • Sparky

    FYI, according to the article linked in this post, it cost $30,000. A bargain!!

  • Tom

    Lots of restaurants have been added to Downtown Arlington recently. Of course, they’re just additional locations of things that already exist elsewhere in Dallas-Fort Worth.

  • Typography wise this destroys pretty much every rule in the book (this might be purposeful). The use of gradients with the letters themselves doesn’t help either. I have other opinions but I do not know the designer nor the approval process they went through so I will hold my tongue. Typically projects like these are design by committee.

  • Sparky

    In the word of a graphic artist friend of mine:

    “I like how the logo plays with reading cues by making meaningless associations, like linking certain letters by face, color or size, thus giving the impression that they impart unique information but THEY DON’T so reading a single word (“downtown”) becomes something of a decoding chore. What did they use to design this, an Enigma machine?”

  • Je

    The first thing that comes to mind is “ransom note”. Surely I’m not the only one.

  • Font of Knowledge

    The City of Arlington’s other choice was a Comic Sans logo.

  • NDallas

    In additon to the eagle-eye comments above, one is drawn to the “ow” in the logo, not once but twice. It’s so perplexing, it sets up an interesting investigative question: who wants to keep people AWAY from downtown Arlington so much that they paid for this logo? Cowboys? Rangers? Or perhaps the more menacing… Grapevine?

  • anon

    this is totally offensive and nothing like what UTA teaches, which is in downtown, what a slap in the face to the design community.

  • Justin

    I feel zanier just having looked at that logo.

  • *covers head in shame* Oh man, that’s terrible. Why Arlington, why?! After I defended you!?! Someone at the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation needs to lose their job.

  • Wes Mantooth

    @Tim Rogers: thanks and I take back what I said before about the Prius being a girl’s car.

  • mynameisbill

    Brains….Brains….I want Brains!

  • Germingham

    I need a salesman who can sell stuff like that

  • BrandonS

    This logo would have scared me when I was a child, much like clowns, and the blue Paramount Television logo/jingle that would play after Laverne & Shirley.

  • J bennett

    I would be asking for my money back from those “designers” OMG what a bland attempt at making that city interesting….start over…redesign it…get some input from people with real ideas….save your city for heavens sake and do it NOW!

  • MarkTheMeS

    itsjared –

    From their website – “The Downtown Arlington Management Corporation is a private, non-profit community development organization whose purpose is to forge alliances between property owners, business interests, residents and the City of Arlington to improve and enhance the economic vitality and overall environment of Downtown Arlington.”

    It’s private money, so no one but those directly involved need to worry about the finances of this project.

    As far as the logo goes, I think it’s interesting that there seems to be no mention of this new logo on the website, though I didn’t look at ever single page.

  • LakeWWWooder

    I don’t think Petula Clark was referencing this…

  • Somedays I think I’m not smart enough, or pretty enough or talented enough and then I compare myself to fools like this and say “I am sh**ting this in…!”

  • alex

    Herb Lubalin and Paul Rand are rolling in their graves. What a stupid logo.

  • I’ll bet they had a design-the-new-logo contest for all the 3rd graders in Arlington, and then them them vote on their fav.

  • I’ll bet they had a design-the-new-logo contest for all the 3rd graders in Arlington — and then let the 2nd graders vote the winner.

  • I’m glad J.B. pointed out that this was probably a “design by committee” job. Often a designer’s hands are tied when the client – or a committee representing the client – thinks they know better than the designer. As a designer you try to steer your client in the right direction, but sometimes they just have bad taste and you are forced to give them what they want.

  • I applaud Arlington for thinking outside of the box. I think the logo is appealing. After all, it is all about marketing. Just look at what this has generated!! Good or bad, you have noticed it. You people like rules and rulebooks. Time to throw them out the window. It is ALL about getting noticed. You did notice, didn’t you?

  • Seems a tad whimsical for a city. But, I can’t judge the design w/out knowing what the city directed the designer towards. Maybe it was an attempt to portray fun and relaxed. While I’m not enamoured I’m not going to say it was off-mark either w/out knowing more. Bottom line – the city approved it!!?,

  • TheSalsa

    That looks like the logo of some gimmicky restaurant. Seeing that I would expect the streets to lined with old sports memorabilia and nostalgic prints from years gone by. Whatever it says about Arlington, I guess it is better than “we have red light cameras on every corner and use of unmanned aerial drones!”

  • Doug Smith

    This looks like another case of in-house design to me. Why pay professional graphic designers and agencies to do something that clearly that new intern who is working on her marketing degree can do for free. Congrats, Arlington! Hang this one around the neck of the guy on the mic..