D Magazine Intern Runs for Miss Texas, Needs Your Help

Karley has promised to wear her crown to the office on her last day. I'm betting you'll soon see photos of Tim and Zac wearing it. Photo by Zac Grimadlo
Karley has promised to wear her crown to the office on her last day. I'm betting you'll soon see photos of Tim and Zac wearing it. Photo by Zac Grimadlo
Bret Redman

I’m in the middle of reviewing intern applications for our summer semester, and this makes me very sad. I have had such a great group. I don’t want them to go. But I understand they have bigger and better things to do. For example, intern Karley Osborn is running for Miss Texas. I’ll let her explain why. But please read to the end and click on the link. She needs some votes to make it onto the cover of the Miss America magazine.

It’s time to come clean–I’m an undercover beauty queen.

For the first few weeks of my internship, I kept the whole “I want to be Miss Texas” thing to myself. I had good reason. For starters, I’m blond, which is already a lot to overcome in the “I want to be taken seriously” department. Second, when you drop the beauty pageant bomb, people tend to respond in one of two ways:

1. They (pageant fans, moms, young children) congratulate you.

2. They (everyone else) twist their faces into a question mark, grimacing as they ask, “Why?”

For some reason, I just had this feeling that the D Mag office might go with a collective sigh and a unanimous Option No. 2 (*Side note: as it turns out, I was almost right. More on that later.), and I wasn’t ready to play defense. Even scarier, I didn’t have an answer yet.

I signed up for a Miss Texas preliminary pageant while working as an au pair in Southern France. The general idea was that knowing I would have to walk around onstage in a bikini would motivate me to put down the baguettes and chocolates I had grown to love, and put a few miles on my running shoes instead (it worked). Plus, I was curious. I grew up watching the Miss America pageant on TV. I’ve always loved playing dress-up. I’m a dancer, and I missed performing. But none of that was the real meat of the why–it was just the seasoning.

I discovered the rest of it along the way, collecting the pieces of my why from different appearances, conversations, and realizations. It comes down to this: while some might find the format of pageantry outdated, as a titleholder, I’ve found that the opportunity to be a voice of hope, a community leader, and a role model has never been more relevant. Before competing, I knew what I believed. Now I know how to articulate it. I took a speech class in college. Now I have a platform that allows me to speak publicly on a weekly basis, to groups ranging from hospital patients to high school students working to be the first person in their family to attend college (shout out to Christina Westby’s AVID class at Creekview High!). I’m constantly challenged to be real in a world that sometimes feels manufactured–and I’m not just talking about pageants, either.

With that weighty why established, I was finally able to make the big reveal at D Magazine. Plus, I kind of didn’t have a choice. At the risk of sounding like a diva, balancing an appearance schedule and truckloads of fact checking is hard, so I had to cut back on my days in the office (sorry, Krista). The cool thing is that they’ve been more than supportive. Evidence: they let me write this article, and they even asked me to be on the cover if I become the next Miss Texas (okay, that last part may or may not have been fabricated).

They are, however, doing me a huge favor by letting me ask D readers (that’s you!) to help me win the national “Make Me A Cover Model” contest sponsored by the Miss America Organization’s magazine, Fourpoints. I know–I have the best bosses ever.

To enter the competition, I had to submit an essay and pictures. Based on that entry, I was selected as a top 25 finalist. Here’s where you come in. To become the magazine’s cover girl, I have to be voted into the top 5 by the public. Voting is easy. Simply go here, click on the “Make Me A Cover Model” banner, and vote for Karley Osborn up to 100 times a day every day until May 15. That’s it!

If you started reading by screaming why at your computer screen, I hope I’ve answered your question. Or at the very least, that your face has relaxed out of that grimace. If I’ve managed to convert you to a pageant fan–or at least a pageant tolerate-r–then by all means, come on out to the Miss Texas pageant this summer and be a part of my cheering section. I’d love to have you! Details (and that side note I promised we’d get back to) are below. –Karley Osborn

When: July 4th-7th

Where: Allen Event Center

Tickets: ticketmaster.com

Why: Please…you know we already covered that.

*Wick’s reaction? “Get a journal. Make the first entry “Why the **** do I want to be Miss Texas?” I’ve since done exactly that (minus the expletive).


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19 responses to “D Magazine Intern Runs for Miss Texas, Needs Your Help”

  1. Jamee J says:

    As a former Miss Texas contestant, I get excited about your interest in being Miss Texas. It paid for my college and allowed me the opportunity to meet amazing people, get comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, meeting President Bush (then Governor Bush) and so much more!! As a President and CEO (at the ripe age of 36 I might add), I still have people ask “why’ when they find out I was a contestant for the title of Miss Texas. But when you look at the skills needed to wear “the crown”, you soon realize that any former Miss Texas or Miss Texas contestant competing for a job has training that you don’t get anywhere else. You will be amazed when you get out in the work world how often you will look back to what you learned by this experience and be able to apply those skills to your work life, your relationships, your ability to deal with stress….and the list goes on! So ROCK THE CROWN, be proud and best of luck!!

  2. Zorro says:

    Sorry. I am voting for my friend from Baylor — DaNae Couch.

    Good luck though!

  3. Karley says:

    Jamee, thank you so much for your comment. In going through this process, I’ve learned that the ‘why’ question isn’t so bad after all – just a conversation starter. Love your story! Thanks for sharing!

    And Zorro, DaNae is great! So I guess I’ll let it slide that you’re voting for her. Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  4. Nancy says:

    Karley is sweet as pie! You go girl!!!!!

  5. Phelps says:

    Truckloads of fact checking?

    When did D start doing that?

  6. Dani K. says:

    This girl seems far too nice to deal with the likes of Tim. I voted 5 times just to balance out Zorro.

  7. JS says:

    I am willing to sell my vote — actually, I am willing to sell my 100 votes per day. Karley, DaNae, others, please feel free to contact me to arrange payment. You can reach me through Zac, because I don’t trust Tim at all.

  8. Michelle M says:

    Love Wick’s suggestion… Sounds just like him! Great article! Best of luck to all the contestants this year… There is a strong group of contenders this year. Just read this article again to see the evidence.

  9. Texan says:

    Looks like you’re the only Texan in the bunch so it’s all about state pride and I’m in for 100 a day! Best wishes!

  10. mynameisbill says:

    She sorta looks like a younger version of that lady who plays, Jenna Maroney, on ’30 Rock’.

  11. April says:

    She is a sweet girl! I may be biased because she is family but at least this way I know she has good roots!! Way to go karley!

  12. Cheval says:

    This girl was the captain of her cheer squad in high school. She quit cheer 2 weeks before the big spring show that we put on with the cheerleaders and she took more than half the squad with her. She got in trouble with the principal, so she walked out without even thinking about how it affected everyone else. All the numbers were done. The program was done. It was everyone’s sr year show and she ruined it. This isn’t the kind of woman that I want representing my state.

  13. Keith says:

    cheval, you are right about Karley resigning from the squad her senior year. It was a very difficult time for her and a tough decision she was forced to make because of meddling parents. We read alot about bullying in schools, but we don’t often see bullying from parents, which was the case here. Thankfully, Karley was able to move on from this very difficult time in her life and was able to use this situation to write a novel that will help young teens going through similar circumstances. It will be published soon and is an awesome, fun read.
    If anyone wants to know the real facts here, click on the link below.


  14. Facts? says:

    Keith (aka Karley’s dad), Just because an article is published in print doesn’t mean it is 100% so or factual. After all, journalism is very yellow. I do believe Karley admitted under oath when she was questioned as a witness that this parent never, ever bullied her. Be careful of what you hurl because her testimony is in print as well and it is documented as factual in a court of law. It can easily be scanned if needed. At least Karley was able to finally admit (albeit under oath) that what she had said about this parent bullying her never happened. I guess she was able to clear her conscience by finally telling the truth when it was too late for all the others affected. In fact, if you follow the link to vote that she provided above, Karley’s bio is in print, but not entirely truthful. She said that she won her first pageant competition. Why this isn’t true at all, it is? But it’s in print so it has to be true… right! She was in the Miss Dallas pageant last year and was a runner up. So as for quittting her team, she wasn’t forced to do anything. She chose to behave poorly because she got in trouble by the principal. Plain and simple.

  15. Truth! says:

    I know this young lady personally. Karley was and is an awesome young woman. She has overcome numerous obstacles and that is the platform for her run for Miss. Texas. She has moral character way beyond her years. She is smart, articulate, and an inspiration to all. She hopes to speak to many students about overcoming obstacles and limitations. Good Luck Karley. You make us proud.

  16. Teacher says:

    Cheval and Facts? I can only assume from your comments that you are parents of girls who were also on the cheerleading squad. How long ago did this incident occur? Let it go and move on. She obviously has and to see you commenting so negatively on something she is doing now is childish. If you don’t want her representing your state, fine, don’t vote for her. But seriously, to bring that up again? Grow up.

  17. hope says:

    To those who slander, threaten and hate on the internet, not just here but everywhere, nothing done on the internet these days is truly anonymous. It’s very easy to pull up the IP address of a person posting. Also, nothing is truly deleted. So, our words matter. Here’s to treating each other with the respect and dignity with which we want to be treated. It’s about being a part of the solution not the pollution in our world. Peace & Love

  18. Facts says:

    Hope….You are completely right and I could not agree with you more! IP addresses can identify a user, but I find it hard to believe that D Magazine would release user information even from posters. I’ve read the Privacy Policy and I will contact the publisher on Monday to inquire about the Terms and Conditions of the forum. BTW, Hope, do you work for D Mag since you are able to get the IP address? If you do, I wonder how the publisher would feel about your threats to other posters. And, the comment section does state that the email addy will not be published. If a publication is willing to release such info, then that is news that should be shared with other news outlets and it should be made known to the public the D Mag will release IP addresses and the identity of posters. Journalists survive on their sources especially the confidential ones. Forums thrive on people posting. It helps with the page hits which helps with their ad sales. And, posters prefer anonymity. If a publication or news organization is willing to disclose confidential info, then everyone should be made aware of this. Don’t you agree? As for threats/slander, I haven’t seen any threats except your IP address exposure or any slander except from Karley’s father when he perpetuated the story and made false comments about a parent who allegedly bullied his daughter. Again, she, herself, admitted under oath that she was NEVER bullied by this parent. Karley’s admissions are factual so it can’t be slander. But, this parent has been slandered over and over again by these people and these false statements. So, Hope, you are right… slander is very hurtful and very hateful. And, I agree wholeheartedly. Karley and her father should treat this family with respect and dignity and stop slandering this parent because words do matter. Well said, Hope! It’s just unfortunate that someone with the “high moral character” that Karley has refuses to accept accountability for her actions. Lastly, I do agree that this isn’t the forum for this to be handled. This should be handled privately with MAO. So, I’m done posting but I’ll leave you with this. John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  19. Excited says:

    Kar, I am so excited for you being in Miss Texas. You are exactly who you protray yourself to be. You are a true woman of God, and everyone who knows you can easliy see this in you. You would be an extrodinary woman to represent our state. We are putting our votes in!