‘Billionaires’ In Spotlight at Exxon Mobil Protest


These ladies and gentlemen call themselves the Billionaires for Big Energy. They seem to be angling for starring roles in the annual protest against the annual meeting held by Irving-based Exxon Mobil Corp. at the Meyerson Symphony Center. The 2012 meeting happened today, and a small throng gathered as usual across from the Meyerson to rail against greed, Big Oil in general, Exxon Mobil in particular, and so on.

One faction held up a huge sign for Occupy Dallas, and you could hear a variety of chants led by someone with a hand-held microphone. Among the messages: “The workers united, will never be defeated! The workers united, will never be defeated!” And: “What do we want? Equity! When do we want it? Now!” The Billionaires for Big Energy chimed in as well: “Let freedom ring. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!” You have to admit it was sort of catchy.


  • Avid Reader

    Are most of the people at protests retired (as the two gentleman in the photo could be) which allows them to attend in the middle of a work day?

  • DM

    @Avid Reader..If they are in any way related to the Occupy Movement there is a greater than zero chance they are unemployed, or more likely, unemployable.

  • Dubious Brother

    I can’t wait to see the signs they hold up at the first Facebook annual meeting after they have found out that it is a lot easier to give a lot of people something that other people pay for than to sell it to people when they have to pay their own money. “Facebook – Can’t sell it, who needs it?”

  • Crystal

    Occupy Dallas has several retirees that are very active members. Also, of the many members there’s probably about 2% that are unemployed. But it is easier to just make assumptions, I’m sure.

  • CP

    @DM, Contrary to popular belief most of us at Occupy Dallas have jobs (or are retired). Can you get more creative? Are you also going to tell us to take a shower?

  • DM

    @CP…”most of us” is somewhat of a general statement. Can you quantify that? And prove that?

    Otherwise I will stand by my original comment.

  • DM

    @CP: According to a survey of occupywallst.org website visitors by the Baruch College School of Public Affairs published on October 19, of 1,619 web respondents, 1/3 were older than 35, half were employed full-time, 13% were unemployed.

    Half employed full time, 13% unemployed. So by my math, two-thirds were partially or totally unemployed. I guess you were close when you say MOST were employed?

  • Crystal

    @DM: We are Occupy Dallas, we were not part of any poll. However, the fact is that the vast majority of the Occupy Dallas member are either employed or retired. Of the people I can think of off the top of my head that are members of OD, 2 of them are unemployed, one of them being myself, and I’m a full-time college student.

  • SB

    @DM, you do realize how flawed of a statistic that is right? Maybe read these key words, website, visitors, 35 (I hope to retire by then)… actually just throw it out because its garbage, just like your assumptions. BTW you do realize we are talking about Occupy Dallas too right? Or are you just one of those people too ignorant to understand that valid points are only made when you stick to the subject? Maybe this graphic from the same study will help you understand what those numbers actually mean, or don’t… http://images.fastcompany.com/upload/occupy-wall-street-infographic-960-1575.jpg and here’s the website, try reading the whole article and the issues with the study they pointed out themselves… http://www.fastcompany.com/1792056/occupy-wall-street-demographics-infographic

  • Deborah Beltran

    Occupy Dallas is a cross section of society! There are teachers, PHD doctors, social workers, therapists, cancer researchers, retired people, students, long time activists; a little bit of everything, just like America! Before you criticise them, go meet them!

  • towski

    @DM – I don’t want to be a math nazi here, but if, according to your poll, half were employed full-time, how can two thirds be partially or totally unemployed? Half is still half, right?

  • Jon

    I think it is hilarious when people assume that just because someone is an occupier, they do not work. It is so ignorant it makes me laugh. Not everyone works 9-5, just because you have shitty desk job with those hours does not mean everyone does. Second, I held a job WHILE the occupation was in full swing. Most of the most involved members worked fulltime and the occupation was like a second job. People worked themselves to exhaustion.

    So, what did we learn? Generalizing makes you look like a stupid, ignorant child.

  • Avid Reader

    Do the protesters that have typical day jobs take PTO or Vacation days to attend these protests?

  • Crystal

    Most of the protesters that have “typical day jobs” are only able to make it to the weekend or evening protests. Some will use their lunch hour.

  • Observer

    Looks pretty weak to me. If D Magazine is giving these “protesters” positive press, it is probably b/c the so-called “occupiers” work for Obama. That’s just a guess though.

  • Crystal

    @Observer: That’s the best you could come up with?