Belo Garden, Main Street Garden, and the Homeless

Belo Garden
Belo Garden

A commenter is surprised that we let an intern put up her opinions on Belo Garden, even though her opinion differs from ours. He called out Tim, Zac, Michael, and Peter for being “hipster-urban hydra.” But he missed me. And I want to make sure it’s well known that I want to be a part of the hipster-urban hydra. I’m thinking about getting a scooter, after all.

I don’t like that wall at Belo Garden. I walked the dog over to check it out last night. Honestly, it’s not as hideous as I thought it would be, and I did talk to one Metropolitan resident who didn’t mind it. But to me it’s just a constant reminder that a group of people couldn’t find a way to work together. Jack Gosnell, who heads up Urban for United Commercial Realty, says that and a bit more over on RealPoints.

On the same subject, Bethany mentioned in this morning’s Leading Off that Delia White wrote to the Dallas Morning News that Belo Garden would be overcome by the homeless, just like what’s happened at Main Street Garden. Look, there are homeless there from time to time. It’s inevitable. But anyone who thinks the garden is overcome or taken over by the homeless is more than welcome to join me on my nightly walks with the dog. Please come with me. I will show you what the park is really like.

And speaking of dogs (last thing, I promise), I am worried about how Belo Garden will survive the dogs. A lot of people living downtown have dogs. Until now, we’ve had one park to take them to. That park has very spotty grass. Now that we have two, I wonder if it will help save the grass at Main Street Garden, or if it will just make for two gardens with spotty grass. Either way, I’m very thankful for both of these parks, and I think they’re wonderful to have, homeless, wall, and all.


  • Grumpy Demo

    “Gozilla vs The Hipster-Urban Hydra” was a classic man.

  • Bruce

    Way to Krista. More of our tax dollars will be spent on dog defecation signs.

  • Sam

    Good gosh almighty peoples. It’s a park. A park. One that’s new, pretty cool and you’re like free to go hang out there. Maybe sit and read or just look up at the clouds. How f’n complicated can it be? How can people be complaining about it? It’s a park.

    Now if it was a park, who also offered free abortions, then yes. I can see how that would incite some controversy.

  • Re: Sam. True. “Free Abortion Plaza” was a complete failure.

  • Downtown Dog

    The grass in Main Street Garden is spotty because of the horrendous metal Christmas tree installed each year, not the dogs

  • mike

    I like your writing, take the motorcycle safety course before getting a scooter, if you haven’t already.

  • My2Cents

    Free abortion plaza. Coffee literally just came out of my nose.

  • Dtown

    If you think the grass is spoty at MSG….Take a walk over to Thanksgiving Square and take a look see. People should be writing about that instead of Belo. It was once a beautiful place and now the whole west side is just a scab thanks to the dog owners that live at the Mosaic and Republic.

  • @Dtown: I’m not saying I don’t love the dogs that use the parks downtown. I was saying that the entire dog-owning population downtown has had very few grass areas to let its dogs do their thing. And downtown is taking some really great steps in the right direction by adding these green spaces. I think all our dogs (mine included) will be happier.
    Also, take a look at this article about Thanks-Giving Square: We published it in April.

  • Jack Gosnell

    The Park is beautiful. The wall is ridiculous. It shuts down the only possibility for two potential cafes that could have provided some food service. Even some penetrations would have been reasonable. It was a terrible decision by Belo and we will need to live with it.

  • Jill

    I have been a resident at the Metropolitan for several years. I, like most people here, opposed the wall being built. Bur now, as I look out of my window at night, and see the homeless people who use this park as their home, I am GLAD that the wall is there!