Actor Nick Stahl Is Missing

According to this, his wife filed a missing persons report on Monday. Stahl grew up in Plano and Richardson, and I recall seeing him at City Tavern one night a while back, around the time Night of the White Pants was filming around here.

(Aside: two other local connections, both Jim Schutze related. Stahl starred in Bully, based on Schutze’s book of the same name, and — unless my memory is failing me — that yellow muscle car in the White Pants poster (click that link) belongs to Schutze. I swear he drove it to the Observer office at one point.)

Hope he turns up soon, and safe.


  • Avid Reader

    Are we sure he is not with Jason Burkett?

  • LakeWWWooder

    Jim’s son drove the yellow Camaro – I used to see it in the Woodrow parking lot and at Zudhi Texaco – along side my ’66 Mustang.

    I hope that Mr. Stahl will be found safe and sound.

  • NewsJunkie

    This is distressing news. I am a fan and enjoyed his work on not only ‘Bully’ and ‘Terminator’ but the HBO series ‘Carnivale’. I hope so much he turns up safe and sound.

  • Stahl was great in Sin City and Carnivale. I’m one of the five people who own the Night of the White Pants DVD. I love that movie.

    My thoughts go out to his family. I hope he’s okay.