• Spectator

    It’s been years since I’ve been into a JC Penney’s store.
    I visited one recently to see what all the hype was about.
    The merchandise was cheaply made and I’ve seen better displays at Canton Trade Days. I’ll admit the new advertising is inticing, but unless and until they have the goods to back up the hype, thisstore is destined to fail.
    All of the stores in that genre (Target, Kohl’s, etc.) have begun to market to the lowest common denominator. The colors are garish, the merchandise looks cheap and the styles are ridiculous.
    Now I fully understand the trend to trade clothing.

  • Jennifer Reeves

    I recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation at SMU by Ron Johnson (spotted there: D’s own Glenn Hunter) on his past experience (noted: Target) and plans for JC Penney, and I have to say I’m excited to see where things will go. It’s only been about a quarter since a major overhaul was announced, and it’s only natural to see a strong immediate reaction to such a drastic change. But let us not forget, all the changes to JC Penney haven’t been implemented yet. There’s still more to the plan and the process takes time. More on the plan at

    Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because my JC Penney in Stonebriar Centre Mall is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the company’s headquarters, but I’ve actually seen a revitalization within the store. Their merchandise is much improved in both quality and aesthetic appearance. And as a 20-something who rarely checks mail that isn’t electronic, I appreciate their abandonment of bombarding potential customers with promotions.

  • J bennett

    They have a very very long way to go to get it even into the sphere of a Target….their older stores are a mess and have needed a facelift for 20years and are they going to actually DO IT?

  • D

    Target gets it. JCP still does not. Very easy to see this.

  • Jennifer Reeves

    @J Bennett, yes a facelift is planned. And @D, I’d like to note that Ron Johnson had a large hand in shaping where Target is today (their new Shops concept?). I’d also like to note that Target’s former CMO moved to JC Penney around the same time Ron Johnson did last year.

    (Finally, I’d like to make a disclaimer that I in no way work for Target or JC Penney; I’m just a very happy consumer of both brands as well as Frontburner content.)