Why Do We Love Dallas? Writer Sarah Hepola Asks Herself and Finds Her Own Answer

My friend and I, who grew up in Denton (which in those days felt a world away from Dallas proper), discussed not long ago whether Dallas is truly lovable. We concluded that, because it is relatively lacking in natural beauty and the hip cachet of so many other spots, Dallas is a city that one must decide to love.

Which I note because Sarah Hepola has written about coming to love Dallas, her hometown. Her love starts, as I think is probably true for most of us, with the many great people here:  “and loving the people in a city is a very, very short walk from loving the city itself.”

This essay seems to have been spurred on by her recent debate with Tim over the number of strip clubs. She feels guilty about having trafficked in stereotypes about the city in another recent piece she wrote, because she observes in how many ways Dallas defies its stereotypes:

And Dallas is becoming a city that feels more like me. All my friends have been talking about it, what a good time this is to live in Dallas: The parks downtown, the food trucks, the bike lanes, the new Shepard Fairey murals. Sometimes I think we’re just telling ourselves this stuff to feel better about living here, and then I think: What’s so wrong with feeling good about living here?

Read the whole thing.


  • RAB

    Great article — until she gets to the part about Tim.

  • Daniel

    Sarah Hepola is an absolutely terrific essayist. #writercrush

  • john

    Great article, and I agree with her that this is a great time to live in Dallas. This city has changed so much just in the last few years. It seems as if the city has finally stopped worrying about what outsiders think of us, and is instead focused on making this a great place for the folks that actually live here. You can build shiny and impressive new things to impress outsiders, but outsiders can sense a truly great city by how the inhabitants feel about their city. The greatest advertisement for a city is when its residents talk about how great it is living there.