Updated List of Yu Darvish Puns For Headline Writers

Napoli on Darvish: Yu Can Count On Me

Have I Told Yu Lately That I Love Yu? — Evan Grant All-Star Break essay

Only Yu (And Yu Alone) — any complete game

Is Yu Is Or Is Yu Ain’t My Baby? — locker room drama

A Picture of Me (Without Yu) — disabled list appearance

More Yu Becomes Yu

Terrence, Trent, Darvish — assuming they get two other pitchers named Terrence and Trent and then that is the new starting rotation; kind of a stretch, but I can see it, sort of, because I have an imagination and kind of would be interested in seeing this

Fix Yu — should he run into mechanical trouble somewhere along the way

Someone Like Yu

American Darvish


  • Gabe

    See Yu Later – ESPN highlights reel

    Yu Can’t Always Get What Yu Want – after a big loss

    Darvish Moon – Two scoreless games (or no hitters) in the same month

    Yu Talking to Me? – on the off chance that Yu goes Taxi Cab on us.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Found out About Yu — pitcher discovered to be pitching while secretly drunk on gin, blossoms into scandal.

    • @Wes Mantooth: Gold star, as always

  • Gabe

    Doh! I was punning Harvest Moon, but used the sense of blue moon. So Darvish Moon would be a win closest to the autumnal equinox.

  • Wes Mantooth

    @Zac Crain: Thanks, Tristan!

  • Helen Lovejoy

    Yu Mad? – Darvish Frustrates Yankee Hitters

  • Spartacus

    When I Think About Yu, I Touch Myself — Ben and Skin radio segment

  • Steve

    Yu Stupid Pitch – for a particularly wild outing. So to speak.

  • Liles

    Yu Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to f**k with

    Sorry, CJ Wilson. Yu just got out-Whataburgered

    Come As Yu Are ~ Yu Know You’re Right

    Shine On Yu Crazy Diamond

    Wish Yu Were Here

    I Want To Take Yu Higher

  • RossG

    I think there are marketing opportunities –

    AT&T – Yu-Verse
    Yoohoo – YuHoo
    Youtube – YuTube

    These could easily be Yused during games – This inning is brought to you by Yu-Verse. Tonight’s YuTube moment. This is the YuHoo inning. If Yu strikes out the side, everyone gets a complimentary YooHoo.

  • ernest t bass

    Yu-Beeee-Doobie-Dewwww — Darvish sparks hungry Rangers

  • Wes Mantooth

    Yu Bisou Bisou — Man Man Darvish Kisses Off the Blue Jays

    (this would work better if the Expos were still in Montreal)

  • Helen

    What I like about YU.

    And YUUUUUUUUU thrill me.

    Of course, if he ever craters, it’ll be Forget Yu (etc.)

    But I know I’ll never find another Yu.

  • only YU can prevent forest fires