Tom Hicks, George W. Bush Team Up for Global Health

In Dallas’s tony Preston Hollow neighborhood, businessman Tom Hicks’ 33,000-IMG_0344 George Bushsquare-foot estate — the priciest spread in Big D — backs up, literally, to Hicks pal George W. Bush’s place. So the former president didn’t have far to go Sunday afternoon for an event at Hicks’ home that raised money for the Global Health Corps. GHC is a nonprofit outfit promoting “health equity,” co-founded by Laura and George’s daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush.

While Hicks mingled with the likes of Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, energy magnate Trevor Rees-Jones, civic leader Tom Dunning and banker Elaine Agather, Laura and George posed good-naturedly for photos. W (pictured) pumped hands with some guests, winked at others, and joked drolly about his mother’s recent comment that he wasn’t easy to rear. “That’s right,” Bush said. “She was trying to say that stay-at-home moms have a job — it’s hard work. And she had to bring me into it. I used to say I’m the reason she had white hair.”

Out on the back patio, meantime, Hicks was asked what he’s been up to these days.

Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks

“Doing deals quietly,” he said. Getting “back to basics.” He did 15 years of high-profile transactions with plenty of media attention, he said, but now he’s trying to stay out of the spotlight.

“The media is crazy,” Hicks said. “They do have a filter.”

A little later Jenna Bush Hager — Barbara’s fraternal-twin sister — grabbed a microphone in the living room and began conducting a live auction, aiming to raise money for Global Health.

Clearly her father’s daughter, the Today show correspondent ordered people in the back of the room to pipe down and cracked wise about the items up for bid.

For example, when a mountain bike autographed by W went on the block — the prize also included a bike ride with the former president — Jenna described the joys of biking in the 100-degree Dallas heat, choking on carbon-monoxide fumes from the Secret Service cars. (They wound up selling two of these bike packages, at $17,000 per. Pavestone founder Bob Schlegel bought one of them.)

Jenna Hager (at rear) and Barbara Pierce Bush
Jenna Hager (at rear) and Barbara Pierce Bush

Also up for bid were a trip to the Capella Pedregal resort in Mexico, a Coldplay concert, a dinner at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, and a Dallas Cowboys package.

Demanded Jenna: “Bid — even if you can’t pay for it.”

Plenty of the guests listened, and presumably most of their checks cleared. At the end of the day the event raised a total of $206,000, enough to fund eight Global Health fellowships.


  • Vile.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Absolutely horrible?

  • You are my hero J.E.T

  • Avid Reader

    Yes, raising money for charities is vile; how dare they.

  • Rangers100

    Where all the brown folk at?

  • Dubious Brother

    @Rangers100 – They are camera shy just like the ones working for Obama’s reelection campaign.

  • Sport

    I’m with Jack, as usual.

  • Tom

    So global health is an issue worth raising funds for, but the Women’s Health Program dies on the vine here in Texas?

  • Dubious Brother

    @Tom – What Women’s Health Program died on the vine here in Texas?

  • Tom

    @DB – This one. Gov. Perry says it will continue without federal funds, but he also wants legislators to sign a pledge to continue cutting the state’s budget without raising additional revenue, so something’s got to give.
    The guess here is it’s going to be the Women’s Health Program.

  • Tom
  • The true number of military personnel injured over the course of our nine-year-long fiasco in Iraq is in the hundreds of thousands – maybe even more than half a million – if you take into account all the men and women who returned from their deployments with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, depression, hearing loss, breathing disorders, diseases, and other long-term health problems.
    from dan froomkin/huffpo

  • Dubious Brother

    @Tom – The article that you linked to says: “Two things have become clear: The Women’s Health Program is not ending, nor is the fight about who will fund it or participate in it.

    ” What “died on the vine?”

  • Tom

    @DB – The clinics that are closing or have closed (mostly in the battle over Planned Parenthood funding), leaving 130,000 women with the option of paying more for family planning services, going without or showing up in emergency rooms.

  • mynameisbill

    Mission Accomplished!

  • Dubious Brother

    So you made a snide remark about the Bush family starting a privately funded non-profit organization to help raise health care standards globally somehow trying to tie it to a health program in Texas dying on the vine that isn’t.

    The government funding is all about Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Planned Parenthood needs to spin off their abortion business.

  • Tom

    Just heard on KERA that the program will continue without federal funds. I still wonder where the Lege is going to find the $40 million it needs when Gov. Perry doesn’t want it to raise any revenue.

  • Obama’s Seat

    The world hates Bush, everyone will refuse the money.

  • Daniel

    It can be argued that Planned Parenthood already has “spun off” its abortion business — it certainly doesn’t perform them itself. Then, too, it can be argued that PP is an abortion advocacy group, though not very convincingly. What cannot be disputed is that abortion is a legal procedure.

  • And what can not be disputed is that GW Bush started a war for NO rational reason whatsoever. A war the ruined the lives of hundreds of thousand and that WILL CONTINUE to ruin lives as children grow up without parents or parents with brain damage.
    If the world were a fair place,….Cheney & Bush would be in prison for the rest of their crappy lives.


  • Avid Reader

    Yep, W., who is not thought to be the brightest bulb in the box by most Democrats, was able to single handedly convince everyone of the elected officials (yep, even a ton of Democrats…Hillary) to vote for the war. I have no doubt that they looked at the evidence from various departments that W. hand drew with crayons and were utterly convinced.

    Again, how dare they raise money for any charity! The very idea….

  • Obama’s Seat

    “And what can not be disputed is that GW Bush started a war for NO rational reason whatsoever..”

    Sure it can, and has been and will be.

  • NoLibs!

    There you go, always spouting the usual MSNBC talking points -Bush is evil, Bush lied to everyone to go into war, he should be thrown in jail, blah, blah, blah. Uh, hello? It should be pointed out that your boy Obama has continued some of the same anti-terrorism policies that Bush first implented -ordering air drone strikes to kill Al-Queda terrorists in Pakistan, refusing to close down Guantanamo Bay, sending more troops into Afghanistan, you get the idea.

    If some of you folks hated Bush for “unlawfully” torturing terrorists, are you gonna raise hell about Obama doing the same as well? Hmmm…we are you people and the anti-war protestors out there protesting? Where’s the consistency in your statements?

  • NoLibs!

    Seriously you guys need to take a chill pill, quit knocking on Bush and his family. He’s gone, irrevelant and if Romney gets elected then you should direct your wrath towards him instead.

  • NoLibs!

    Personally, I think what the Bush family is doing is with the charity work is lovely and admirable. They are people of class and dignity. They are not out there flaunting themselves in front of the media and continuing their gift of service. I love them AND I don’t care what the haters have to say!