Tim Rogers Is Out of Control

"Only I can make this magic happen!"
"Only I can make this magic happen!"

I didn’t want to be the one to post this, but nobody else around here seems willing. Let’s call it an intervention. Tim really hasn’t been himself lately. Arrogant, dictatorial, able to fly off the handle at any minute–yes, he was already all those things, but it’s been even worse in the last two days. Plus, he’s been drinking constantly, but insists he won’t consume a drop from anything other than the goblet he refers to as “My M-F-ing Chalace, M-F-ers.” The reason, we all suspect, is the recent announcement of the 2012 National Magazine Award finalists. It seems his story about Barrett Brown, the non-spokesperson for Anonymous, is a finalist in the profile category. (Tim kindly pointed out that I also had a profile in that same issue, noting something along the lines of, “if you wrote more like me, maybe you–I’m kidding, you’ll never be this good. Never!”)

Still, we were all happy for him until he started throwing phones. When someone politely pointed out a small grammatical mistake in a story he’s working on, Tim insisted the error stay, saying, “Wait, wait, how many Ellies have you been nominated for? That’s what I thought.” Later I heard him uttering, “When my fingers whisper, who are these people to change it?” Somebody–anybody–needs to take him down a notch.


  • Vinny Minchillo

    Am I surprised by this change in behavior? Um, no. (Seriously, congrats Tim. Well deserved.)

  • I’m just happy you posted an old photo of me so that people will get the idea that I’m still a young man.

  • Chris Chris

    Just say to him two words: Merge Radio. That should shut him up quick.
    (just kidding, Tim. – Congrats!)

  • Margaret

    I think it all started when he wore that purple (or was it blue) blazer to that event one time….. I think it was even velvet,

    He was already out of control then.

  • @Chris Chris: You forgot the link.


    I stand behind my radio work. (Except the part where the mics were on.)

  • Tim is a funny and brilliant writer. We are lucky to have him as part of our diverse Metroplex. Love and multiple back pats all around. One singular sensation, all the other girls are second best!

  • RAB


    Do you know why Tim was nominated for an Ellie and you weren’t? Because he can spell words like “chalice” — and apparently you can’t. Now go kiss his ring, M-F’er.

  • passerby

    Came across your article on Byliner – I was so ignorant, I thought D in D magazine is for “Digital” and by the Met you meant the Metropolitan Museum of Art (with edgy spitting interns). I really enjoyed the profile and wish you much creative success – stay curious and irreverently show-offy (indisputable winner of journalistic turf war with a big-city slicker). I wish your Mom had kept that poem.

  • bill holston

    well done sir! Congratulations

  • Dani K.

    Mooney: even with all this, I bet you still wouldn’t trade him for your last boss.