Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 17

It IS Kelly Kapoor story hour. (Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers, in Matt & Ben.)

I don’t really watch The Office anymore, but I used to. As obnoxious as she is, Kelly Kapoor is one of my favorite characters–I mean, think of all the great stuff she says. And then that old episode, Drug Testing, when she launches into a crazy monologue and Dwight just shrieks, “This is not Kelly Kapoor story hour!” A) This is how I imagine some of my friends feel about me 45% of the time, and B) I wish it was the Kelly Kapoor story hour, kind of all the time. Probably because I don’t actually have to hang out with her.

Anyway, the actress Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly and whose book I read not too long ago, got her comedy break with an off-Broadway show she co-wrote and starred in with a funny friend from college, Brenda. (Tip: those are apparently good to keep around.) It’s called Matt & Ben, and it’s about that time the screenplay for a movie called Good Will Hunting fell from the sky and into the collective lap of a pre-Oscar Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. This version of events actually explains a lot. Echo Theatre, as part of their Echo Reads series, presents a staged reading of the play at the Bath House Cultural Center. This means good times for all. And yes, Matt and Ben are played by ladies. This is my pick. Go check this out, if only to see where a great funny brain got off the ground. Also yes, I realize that’s sort of a weird image.

And speaking of Hollywood and television, a couple of Emmy-nominated folks are holding a “Prime Time TV of Tomorrow” symposium at Winston’s Supper Club, a place I keep thinking is closed every time I drive by on account of their penchant for covering the outdoor area/windows with large white drop cloths during off hours. Go behind the scenes with producers, directors, and writers Guy Shalem (Betty White’s upcoming NBC comedy, Off Their Rockers) and Brad Isaacs (Undeclared, King of the Hill) as they impart their vast wisdom unto you, mere Gossip Girl-watching mortal. Attendees are encouraged to “dress to impress,” three little words that never fail to strike fear in my heart.

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  • Ellen

    Great intro, Liz! Made me giggle.