Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 10

It is always an unexpected pleasure when it comes time for me talk about an event and find that someone else around here has already done so, at length, and much better than I could.

Tonight, D and TEDxSMU host an education forum with the candidates running for the DISD school board. All eight candidates from the three open districts will be on stage at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Each candidate will draw a question out of the hat, and answer in three minutes (or less). I’m sure you’ve already registered to attend, but if for some reason you haven’t, go do that now. Candidates will stick around and mingle after the Q&A session, but editorial intern Michelle Saunders has provided a primer on all the personalities we’ll hear from this evening. Krista has everything else you could possibly want to know about how tonight will go down right here.

Also this evening, the Hilton Anatole hosts a bit of a twist on the runway fashion show by transforming the models from “really, really pretty” to “insanely supermodel gorgeous/crazy” in front of the audience. (And yes, those are technical, journalist-y terms.) It’s called “Fashion’s Living Canvas,” and features the collections of six local designers, including Prashi Shah, Isabel Varela, and Becca Jett. Raya has more details over on ShopTalk, but do bring cash for cocktails.

For a change of scenery, I recommend heading to Dada in Deep Ellum for the Real Estate show. It’s all introspective pop and chiming guitars, lovely and a little bit sad. Real Estate performs with Twerps and Terry Malts.

For more to do tonight, go here.