The Many Faces of Tincy Miller

Geraldine “Tincy” Miller sat on the State Board of Education from 1984 to 2010. She’d like to sit on it again. Miller took some guff last month for sending out a flyer that was grammatically challenged. (E.g.: “By reigning in the mangers of the Permanent School Fund she saved the state of Texas millions of dollars.”) Well, now she has sent out another flyer. I don’t see anything wrong with the words (haven’t read it), but I do have a question about the photograph: when was it taken? Then there’s the big sign you see below. When was that picture taken? Compare it to the picture of Miller that appears on her campaign site (which, to me, is actually the best of the three images). Click the pic to make it bigger.

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  • Zorro

    women pull this same crap on dating websites….

  • Bill Marvel

    And certainly, Tim, we don’t want anybody on our Education Board who is older than he or she appears in campaign photos. Next thing you know, they’ll be claiming the entire earth is much younger than it appears.

  • Lee

    Tincy Miller has been a voice of sanity on the SBOE, standing up to the nutty right wingers, even those who think that the Pilgrims were commies.

  • Epifanio

    She’s selling a more youthful version of herself in the photos which is kind of bait and switchy. It’s not as though voters can see her in debates and news coverage like they can for major candidates – they can really only see the younger photo of her and think that’s what they’e getting, not some AARP retiree. I think it’s deceptive that she’s selling herself as a 40-something year old and she’s probably more like 70. Also, age implies all sorts of things, conservatism, progressivism, ability to embrace technology in the classroom, etc. I would think a younger candidate would be more willing to have open ideas on technology, funding, history and revisions to textbooks than an older candidate. And do you pronounce her name Tincy (rhymes with wine-cy) or Teensy, rhymes with weensy?

  • Helen Lovejoy

    First Jacquielynn Floyd, now …

  • Bill Marvel

    Yes, yes, Epifanio. Dreadful. What if you voted for someone you thought was a 40-year-old blonde babe, a virtual Sarah Palin look-alike, and she turned out to be a mature woman with 70 years of experience and wisdom inside her gray head? Myself, I’d be mad as hell.

  • Epifanio

    I personally think she looked smokin hot when she was young. The point should be truth in advertising, Captain Marvel.

  • Bill Marvel

    So, if I’m understanding you…you encountered her photo on some dating site. You thought, smokin’ hot. But then you went to pick her up and she opened the door…wow, Not what you expected.
    I fully understand. Just out of curiosity, though: Did she seem disappointed in your looks?

  • jr

    She will also have the advantage of votes in Highland Park as her daughter in law Dena Miller is the reigning Mrs. Highland Park. Note that Dena crowned herself because there is no pageant for Mrs. Highland Park.

  • BRT

    Dena Miller Mrs. Highland Park? Narcissistic lady. And she’s in a brawl with Big Rich Texas folks.

    Stay classy. Vote Tincy.

  • CollinBabs

    Would we be commenting on this if the pics were of a man?????????????

  • PR

    Whoa, whoa, whoa — @ jr.

    Is that true? Seriously? Highland Park doesn’t have a pageant for Mrs. Highland Park so she crowned herself? Will she compete for Mrs. Texas?

  • ELH

    Or you could ignore what she looks like and decide if you should vote for her based on the substance of her ideas like this one:
    Geraldine Miller: Why would you take Christmas and Rosh Hashanah out of this particular one, and replace it with a Hindu festival, that’s not well known at all, or with very little, if you will, substance to it?

  • LOL!! too funny. BRT-we know who you are…and that I’m not really in a brawl with anyone, that is fiction.

    No, I didn’t crown myslef, sillies, and i DID compete for Mrs Texas and won the ambassador award (meaning i do my charity work than the other contestants)Tracy Crist from the Mrs. Texas organization makes those decisions and my mother in law will have NO advantage becasue of my title, her advantage is in her experience and popularity here in her town. I’m not from here, am a midwestern girl who still proudly hangs onto her roots. If I lived anywhere else, i would’ve gone for that regions title, but i live in HP for the great schools for my children.

    Why enter the Mrs. Texas competition? there are many reasons one might choose to do so. I’ve never been a pageant girl, was my first. I wouldn’t have had the confidence when i was younger. As my darling frend Yvonne Crum who placed in the top 5 at age 55 in 1996 Mrs. Texas pageant said she did it to give herself a reason to get in shape, lose weight, etc. As a writer, i looked at is as something to experience and write about. But my biggest motivation is to use the Mrs. Texas platform as a place to promote the instute of marriage. Marriage is falling buy the wayside and statistics show that married people are better off finacnially, their kids go to better school, they are better educated and have better sex lives. ( an article from DMN states these facts)
    I had a great time at the Mrs. Texas Workshop where all the women wwere so kind, it was like I’d joined a sorority rather than a competition. i have met great friends in Dawn Nuefeld, ( Mrs. Frisco 4 years) , Vanessa glass (Mrs. hurst) Dalana (mrs. keller), Sally ……Can’t wait to see you in corsicana in December!
    I grew as a person and a woman in this pageant system and will continue to grow and flourish, thank you Tracy Crist!
    anyone who would like to enter the pageant can go to for details:)

  • Bill Marvel

    Spoken like a lady, Ms. Miller.

  • Bill Marvel

    “Would we be commenting on this if the pics were of a man?????????????”
    Of course not, Collin Babs. This is Front Burner, the blog equivalent of Friday night at the frat house.