The Continuing Incompetence of Larry Friedman

Alan Peppard has more details this morning on the Big Rich Texas lawsuit. My favorite tidbit:

Carter Boisvert, a lawyer in Friedman’s firm, says that part of that effort included contacting D Magazine Partners chairman and editor-in-chief Wick Allison to have offending statements about Duarte removed from FrontRow.

“We sent a letter to Mr. Allison asking that he do that,” Boisvert said.

“I never received any letter or complaint,” Allison said on Wednesday afternoon. “If anyone says I have, I’d love to see proof.”

Friedman eventually provided a copy of a March 21 certified letter to Allison formally requesting the removal of specific disparaging remarks about Duarte from FrontRow. It’s below. But it should be noted: Friedman sent the letter to the magazine’s old offices on Oak Lawn, not its downtown Dallas digs at 750 N. St. Paul Street — where D‘s been perched since October 2009.


  • towski

    I suppose that big red D on the side of the building is too subtle.

  • ANON

    Would love to comment on the character of Mr. F. But he is a Bully and very afraid he might harass and sue me.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Why on earth would they provide a USPS tracking printout that shows no delivery in the nearly-two-weeks since they mailed the letter?

  • Kolya Freeman

    I read the letter that was posted. The truth is Friedman did not write the letter. I suppose Mr. Wick was more concerned about attacking people than reporting the truth.

    • @Kolya: He did not write the letter, true. But it’s his case. So he’s in charge, etc. and so on.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Feiger of FF wrote the letter to the wrong address, Boisvert of FF wrongly said they contacted Allison, and Friedman of FF “proved” they contacted Allison by providing a wrongly-addressed letter and proof of NON-delivery.

    One of the D/PN folks said that Merritt had already disassociated with FrontRow when the suit was filed. Why had she? Is she no longer associated with any of the D/PN publications? If so, why?

  • You’re not truly important in Dallas until you’ve been sued by L.F.

  • RAB

    Query whether calling LF “incompetent” is defamatory — or generous.

  • Avid Reader

    Wait….so the items stating Pamela Martin-Duarte is a sociopath, habitual liar, gold digger turned call girl in the 80’s, former stripper in Florida and NY, a former drunken barfly in Old Towne, used to service old men, and stole credit cards in a comment on Front Row are not entirely true?

  • Khakijack

    It’s likely some of the events took place in the early 90’s. Perhaps it’s the timeline that she is arguing. She wouldn’t want the public viewing her as over-the-hill.