Report: Mark Davis Is Out at WBAP, Ctd.

Illustration by Steve Brodner
Illustration by Steve Brodner

Not so fast. According to an update on Robert Philpot’s post, Mark Davis might just be playing hardball with WBAP’s new owners, Cumulus. While we’re waiting for this to get sorted out, you might want to revisit this 2010 story we did on Davis, written by Barrett Brown. It’s titled “A Sneaky Takedown of Mark Davis.” (And, yes, it’s that Barrett Brown.)


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  • amanda

    Always appreciate a well written story. Question: Was the writer impaired (like you described in your possibly award worthy story)?…Strong opinions from Barrett in this,that is in play here….I’m pulling for the kid. I do not like Mark Davis (for reals)…but please don’t present this as anything other than an non-editorial piece. The voice of anon, you out there?

  • I love Mark Davis and hope she returns. He is a breath of fresh air on the radio.
    I missed him today – Friday.

  • GMOM

    GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Bye

  • Serp

    That was a b.s. opinion piece written by someone who was attempting to call Reagan a liberal. Sheesh! What a waste of five minutes!

  • B Lemmons

    If WBAP says good bye to Mark Davis…..I say GOOD BYE to WBAP. I have been a loyal fan to both WBAP and Davis, for 17 year……but i cannot believe they would be so stupid as to let their lead anchor go.

    I hope they have the good sense, to keep Mark where he has been the last 18 years!!!

  • D. Brightbill

    I moved here in 1997 from Minnesota. Mark Davis was my answer to Jason Lewis. I cannot believe that WBAP would even think of letting Mark go! He speaks for so many of us in the Metroplex……….I am praying this will all be resolved and Mark will be back on the air soon and very soon……….if not, I will listen to 660 from now on.


  • Free Willy

    Mark Davis is THE rock star of local talk shows. He has all the polish of a veteran nationally syndicated host but presents a local format. I listen to WBAP for Rush and Davis. Love Hal but the current cast just isn’t as good as when he had Dick Siegel as a sidekick. I find myself turning off Hannity more and more. If Cumulus doesn’t want to pay Davis as a top talent, he’ll be on the air in another major market and I’ll be listening via internet.

    Cumulus should learn from Tiger Woods…Tiger took a pretty good game he had developed with Butch Harmon, decided it could be even better, tore it apart and now can’t get the pieces to fit back together again. If it ain’t broke folks, don’t try to fix it.

  • Bill

    I hope Mark comes back.

    Ben Ferguson is a Facebook commercial.


  • Jai

    WBAP won’t be the same without Mark Davis. I guess the next to go will be Levin, right when we need guys who speak for us the most.

  • Jw

    Not a fan of Davis but wish him well whatever happens.

  • CH

    Mark Davis is so good that he gets to sub for the “most listened to man in America,” but WBAP has the short sidedness to let him go?

    It makes you wonder if management even wants to air Rush anymore.

  • Robert Crow

    WBAP would do just fine without the DRAAAMAATIIC Mark Davis talking about himself, however if New York libs brings thier bias to WBAP with milktoast lib talk and pushes Rush and Lavin out then WBAP will become Air America Radio and it WILL FAIL… Wise up Cumilus.

  • Jef Hall

    Mark Davis is the best in the business, period. I travel the country and hear his peers and he is in a class by himself. Smart, firm, fair and informative, the best local talk show host in America. He deserves to be the highest paid at what he does. We have other entertainers that memorize lines, play sports and make monopoly money. They contribute little to daily life. Mark Davis provides clarity and common sense to the topical issues of any given day. WBAP ownership, come to your senses, open the checkbook, pay this man and not losw a national treasure!

  • Aline

    I did not know what happened to Mark Davis on WBAP. For two weeks I have been waiting to hear his voice. Today I found out WBAP has let him go. How could this happen!! I would start my morning with Mark Davis every week day. I will truly miss him and will await his return to another station. When and if that happens…I will no longer turn on WBAP. Wish you well Mark Davis, my radio friend.

  • Judy

    I will be so disappointed if Mark Davis does not return. I have been listening to him for at least 12 yrs, first living in Austin and then the metroplex. I moved away from the metroplex three years ago, but keep him on the radio. It would be a big mistake to let him go!

  • Mark is a slice of class that is dearly missed. The new guy might be a “nice” guy but I can’t stand to listen to him. I agree with the others, Mark is one of the best in the business, and he’s been the one I most want to listen to daily, day in and day out. I pray he gets a show somewhere soon, whereever it is I will be online listening. God Speed Mark, and if Cumulus can’t do the deal, they don’t deserve your caliber or my business. I can get my radio online whenever I want, cya.

  • Janet

    can you say iheart radio?

  • Glenn

    Sorry to hear about Davis, but I haven’t listened to WBAP since they let Bill Mack go, and hijacked the Midnight Cowboy Radio Show

  • Steve

    Bring Mark back. Its that simple.

  • gleneahutchens

    where is mark? we all miss him

  • Keith

    Mark Davis is the best. I never changed my dial from 820… the replacement (??Furgeson) is not even close – boring. Also, where is Larua Ingram ??? Several of my other favorites I found are on 570.


  • ken

    Having listened to Mark Davis for many years I can say bring him back or I’ll search for a new morning show.
    The new guy sounds like a temp host. Another lost listener??

  • What the ??? Where is Mark–why are there no explanations–this is very strange

  • Angela Castleberry

    WBAP is surely smart enough to figure out with Mark’s brains and glib command of the English language, they had better try to keep him around! They better try their best not to pull a Mark Cuban by saving a buck and breaking up a winning team!! See where that’s gotten the Mavericks!

  • MMS

    Good move. There was a time I enjoyed the Mark Davis Show. That ceased as Mark’s appearence of arrogance and superior attitude became so obvious. He refused to reconize that some people who disagrees with him just might have a valid point.

  • Mike S

    Mark Davis and Laura Ingraham both disappear and get replaced by a couple of amateurs. A question to the new owners……Are ya trying to fail or are you just trying to chase me away? I have already found Laura on a competing radio station (thank you iphone app) and I am watching to see where Mark lands. If he does not return, my radio dial (which has not moved from WBAP in over a decade) will change to that station.

  • lk

    I completely agree with Mike S’s comments. What’ryathinkin’?

  • Tory P.

    Mark, where ever I find that you have gone , I will follow my friend. By By WBAP-

  • Lynn

    No one has mentioned the fact that WBAP added so many commercials that it was hard to listen to. I have listened every day that I possibly could for the entire time Mark was there until they started having so many commercials that it was ridiculous. Mark and Levin were the only reason I was listening. Mark is very, very good at his job. If he doesn’t come back to WBAP then I am one of the ones that will be finished with them. I suppose the commercials go along with the new ownership somehow. Wherever he might go I just hope we can listen from the metroplex.

  • Jeff Berndt

    Really surprised Mark Davis is not on the air. His show was by far the best forum for local and state politics and news. Their really isn’t anything else that compares to him. He was most of the reason I kept it on WBAP all day. The new show is a disaster.

  • Nancy Burk

    Morons at WBAP, lame “wanting to reach a more youthful audience” ??? How is that working for you? Letting a class guy go and the replacement in Marks slot is ??? NOT!

  • Michael

    Bring Mark Davis back! Weather you agree or disagree with him, he offered great radio–good enough to sub for Rush Limbaugh. Dallas, as the ninth most populous city in the US, deserves the caliber of radio Mark Davis offered. I’ve stopped listening to WBAP in the morning.

  • Agree with MMS. Davis has increasingly sounded arrogant and ridgid in his ever narrowing reasoning.
    Texas is currently a 63/37% Republican state. Why can’t the 37% have a single talk show host?
    Ed Schultz would do quite nicely!

  • Jesse

    Come back Mark! I could put up with losing Laura Ingraham since I didn’t listen to much radio during her hours in the evening. But come on this new guy doesn’t talk about anything important and doesn’t seem to actually care about the issues he brings up.. If Mark doesn’t come back I’m moving to 660am.

  • Ken

    Have listened to WBAP for 15 yrs. With local AM I get everything except Mark Davis. Since he left I have not listened to WBAP and unless he returns I will not ever listen. Wake up BAP you are losing your biggest star!

  • Cavin Riggs

    It is very hard to supprise me? When I found out Mark was gone, WHAT A SHOCK!!! it would be WBAP’S best interest to get him back!

  • Jene

    I have waked for years to Hal and the gang, and have looked forward to Mark and Rush. Without Mark there is a BIG hole in the morning that Mr. Ferguson does NOT fill. I guess now is a good time to explore for other
    morning entertainment, news, and opinion. So sad to depart after all of these years. Without Mark I won’t be back.

  • Carrie

    I returned form out of state. All of a sudden I hear this shrill voice of Ben somebody – he makes me GAG—I want to throw up from the sound of this guy in Mark’s spot!!!!! Get real WBAP!!!!!!! I have been a fan of WBAP since I moved back to Texas in 1987..I don’t agree with everything that Mark has to say but In many ways I agree with him in more ways that matter !!!

    If Mark Davis doesn’t return, you have lost me!!! I love Hal Jay and friends in the AM but I have been turning off the radio from 8:30 until 11:00 since Mark Davis has been gone.

    Wake up WPAB!!!!!!

    I still want Mark Davis!! And WBAP!!!

  • bob timberlake

    Hope he is gone. His I know more than everybody else attitude is very tiresome.
    Repeating himself so us slow learners can get his point made him difficult if not impossible to
    listen too. Big wbap fan, any change would be an improvement, enjoy listening to Ben.

    Keep up the good work also thank you for getting rid of that Yankee Amy.

    Two big improvements. Now if you can just talk Hal into staying for another decade.


  • K

    I miss MARK!!! For every one(1) that comments I old think there are 100 that think the same!

  • Mike S

    Apparently ya’ll over at Cummulus don’t know much about marketing.
    Let me see if I can explain it for you…..
    As I said before, I have found a way to listen, to who I want/when I want, on both my iphone and computer.
    I can also go old school and find another local radio station(s) to listen to.
    Since I have radios in the house, car and shop that have not been changed in years, that last thing is a little harder…..old habits and all.
    Okay, pay attention, here comes a clue…..
    Keeping me from doing what I just described should be your number one priority.
    Hope you paid attention to that last part because right now you are failing miserably.
    And you seem to have forgotten the most important aspect of marketing………
    Don’t upset the folks with the money to spend at those businesses that advertise with you.
    And I would like to think that the new owners are reading these comments. But, since I have both called and emailed them and have received zero replies, I can only assume that either they don’t read them or they don’t care.
    And I am still confused by your replacements for Mark and Laura.
    Odds are they are real nice guys. But they ain’t worth spit as radio hosts.

  • RuthMarch

    BAP messed up with Mark Davis. I’ve quit listening in the mornings. Ben Ferguson doesn’t have it….he was a decent sub, but he’s NOT MARK. Hope he comes back.

  • Mark hate to see you go old buddy. when you started at wbap, i had just gone into business full time for myself. i have been a regular listener ever since. I do believe this is the first sign of the end of wbap in being a great radio station. it will be just another brick in the wall outfit. Mark hope you can start in another radio station. it would be great !!!!!!! your friend always. ROY R. MAN OF THE WEST

  • Z1

    Mark Davis needs to accept the reality of today’s radio market and take a pay cut. After all, republicans are so in favor of letting the marketplace help people make difficult decisions…well Mark, here’s your difficult decision. Time to man up and practice what you have preached for years. Dale Hansen was smart enough to make that decision…you certainly are no better broadcaster than he is.

    The worst part is accidentally tuning across 870 and hearing this little smarmy replacement they have come up with. He sounds like Shawn Hannity’s younger, whinier, more obnoxious little brother.

  • Z1

    Oops, I meant 820, not 870 (I lived in New Orleans for a while and was thinking WWL 870).

  • Gary

    Ferguson will never be a good radio host. His voice is grating and his facts are quite often wrong. Bring back Mark. I have wuite listening to the mornings on WBAP and have been listening to 570. It seems to me that you folks are trying to destroy and once great radio station. Come – on, can you get real?

  • with ferguson taking mark davis’s spot – i found 1700 AM – all comedy channel. Thanks 820 – now i laugh instead of worry about issues!

  • dennis b

    Hey ‘BAP,

    Wise up.

    Don’t you think Mark and his agent are talking other stations in this market?

    Mark could sign with a 2nd tier staion and make them a powerhouse to equal or best you clowns…..

  • Mickey

    Mark is GREAT! Cumulus is liberal. This is a way of testing the water. If you want a “Robin Hood” society, abortion rights, giving free healthcare with only the job creators to pay for it and allowing anybody to vote without proof of citizenship, so on and so on then keep listening to cumulus. The decision to let MD go is simple minded. They have the right to make this decision that’s what’s great about this country! I also have the right to quit listening to ANYTHING cumulus. Bye WBAP. The world is turning to digital radio, wherever Mark goes I will go. Bad move in my opinion.

  • Jim M

    Not a bad thing to go, it should have been called ” THE LISTEN TO MARK DAVIS SHOW.” Things always change, get over it.

  • Dave

    You have lost another listen, WBAP, (Cumulus) I work all day with the Radio On. You could say I am YOUR target audience. I would turn WBAP on, and listen all day while I’m at work. I enjoyed listening to the Mark Davis show, been following /listening for the past 18 years; he WAS your best show. Your new man, not so good, I will follow Mark Davis to what every channel he ends up on.
    How are the new RATING? I bet they are not that good.

  • Jeff

    I moved here from Indiana a year ago and WBAP became my radio station. While I wouldnt call myself a fan, when Davis Vanished, I wondered if there was new management when nights changed too. Having worked in radio for 25 years this seemed like a classic shake-up symptom. I like Ben Feguson but seems to me he would have been an excellent 8-midnight host IF a change was necessary. But to ditch Laura Ingrahm for this noob Chris Crock who’s show is just aweful and a cliche of the days news demonstrates a lack of sound judgement from this new management. I now scan the dial after Levin.

  • Christine Hassett

    Lost another listener and advertisers another customer. I frequented the businesses Mark endorsed as a 20 yr, listener. I respected and enjoyed his opinions. Take off Hannity and replace with Mark if you must because Hannity beats the same drum and Mark had a wealth of topics presented knowledgeable and was able to appreciate and explain a variety of views in an effective and interesting way.

  • LaVerne Poston

    Another very long time listener, but without Mark Davis I won’t be tuning in —bring him back!!

  • Connie

    I have listened to Mark on the way to work for several years, but really got tired of him touting his own accolades. I just had to get past that as his commentary was generally pretty good. Haven’t listened to Ben Ferguson, but really have a problem with Chris Crock. His makes sweeping statements without facts or states conclusions that require major leaps from the topics being dicussed..

  • swamundsen

    ok i am OUT!!!!

  • Rob Zerr

    I was already perplexed about us losing one of my favs, Laura Ingraham. And now Mark Davis? My guess is it’s all about monnnney! They were both too good and therefore too expensive. Am I right? I’m asking someone who actually knows the correct answer. I too have a problem with Chris Crock. I only listened to him two times and both times he goes on and on harping about two things I vehemently disagree with him on. One was the red light cameras (suckers love them) and I forget the other issue at the moment.

  • Rob Zerr

    I kinda like Ben Ferguson, but he’s no Mark Davis. I’m sure Ben’s cheaper though, being new and all.