Leading Off (4/26/12)

17-Year-Old Brutally Attacked Near Bus Stop. Details here and here, because I’m not typing them. The girl is in critical condition, but she managed to give police a description of her attacker before she was taken to the hospital. That led to the arrest of Tommy Robinson, 59.

Officials Think They’ve Found Remains of 10-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Starved to Death By His Parents. My chest hurts.

Deion Sanders Charged With Assault. I’m so confused by all this now, and I assume the Prosper police and judicial system are, too. And I feel sorry for Deion and Pilar’s kids.

Here’s Some Stuff That Doesn’t Make Me Mad That I Had To Do Leading Off Today. Rangers beat Yanks, win sixth straight series to start the season; this woman gives out a lot of hugs; this; not caring about football at all so I don’t have to pay attention or care about the Cowboys and the draft tonight; probably some other things.


  • Steve

    I guess that starving your child to death and then trying to cover up the smell with a dryer sheet is worse than snatching a foul ball away from a crying three year old at a Ranger game, but still, these people suck too: http://deadsp.in/Ie5mSk.

    • @Steve: I like the Yankees broadcaster repeatedly going in on them.

  • Liz Landry

    @ Steve those are not even remotely the same or even near the same, and you really do a disservice to compare them at all. A bunch of people went for the ball, the kid didn’t get it. And, he’s entirely too young to even comprehend what the heck that all means. His parents told him to get it, he wanted it, and he threw a temper tantrum when he didn’t get it. I have sat near kids like that at numerous games who wanted something and threw a fit until they got it, including but not limited to soda, cotton candy, hot dog and SOMETHING THAT I WAS EATING. Should I have to turn over all things pleasurable in my life if there is a screaming kid in my vicinity? No telling what other fits that kids through during the game, which is probably why that couple just tuned him out.

  • Liz Landry

    /that kid threw (auto-correct meets typing fast)

  • Biff

    Liz, I see your crying kids and raise you one 40-something douche who ran across two sections, knocked down an old lady and dove for a home run ball. He then celebrated like he had accomplished something.

    I love the game as much as anyone, but IT’S A FREAKING BASEBALL!!!

  • Liz Landry

    @Biff full confession, I hate baseball, so I don’t understand that even from a fan standpoint. However, even I know that is beyond the pale. Jerks walk among us for sure. My only point was while your story is definitely of a jerk, I do not think this couple were jerks for keeping a ball that was tossed at their general direction just because a whiny kid threw a fit.

  • Biff

    @Liz, and even though it will probably condemn me to the same douch-y (?) level as the dude in my story, I completely agree with you. About the kid, that is. We’ll deal with the baseball issue later.