Leading Off (4/19/12)

Man Dies At White Rock Lake. Details are scant. He was pulled out of the lake around 6 p.m. yesterday and taken to Doctors’ Hospital, but didn’t make it.

Reward For Information on Burned Puppy Now Up To $25,000. Justice, a 4-month-old lab-terrier mix, died Friday after being set on fire in an apartment complex in Pleasant Grove. An anonymous donor has pitched in $10k to help find the [redacted word I can’t say here] who are responsible. Police believe there may be video or photographic evidence of the perpetrators. UPDATE: Dallas County sheriff’s have issued a warrant for Darius Ewing, 18. Reward still stands for any information that will lead to an arrest and conviction.

In better news…

Rick Perry, Against All Logic, To Probably Run For President Again in 2016. OK, it’s not really better news, unless you happen to be someone who makes their living off a combination of his train-wreck campaigns and regular Google Images searches. In actual better news…

I Continue To See You, Big German! The tall baller from the G scored 21 points in the fourth quarter, and 31 in the second half, as the Mavericks solidified their position in the playoffs with a win over the Houston Rockets. In other sports news, the Texas Rangers (off to the best 12-game start in their history) finished off a sweep of the Red Sox, and I pulled off several fancy dunks on the 6-foot goal in my son’s room, while playing hurt.


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    They need to post that reward at the apt. complex where the scumbags burned the dog. One of the tenants will surely rat them out for that amount of money. Can’t the woman who helped the puppy help identify any of them?