Jane Aldridge Says Texas Monthly“Blatantly Made Up Quote”

Local fashion blogger Jane Aldridge is accusing Texas Monthly of making up a quote in a recent profile by Jason Sheeler. Except Aldridge wasn’t making that claim last week, as she promoted the story on WFAA. As a matter of fact, she didn’t seem to have a problem with the story at all until Charlotte Cowles, of New York magazine, blogged about it yesterday. Today Aldridge put up a post on her Sea of Shoes blog claiming the Texas Monthly story was “grossly exaggerated” and “highly stylized” and included a “blatantly made up quote.” (There’s also a picture that seems to sum up her view on it pretty well.)

Here’s the  statement Texas Monthly gave New York:

“Texas Monthly engages in a rigorous fact-checking process for each of its stories before they go to press. We check quotes, figures, descriptions, and any factual statement with each source mentioned in the story, as well as with outside sources. The profile of Jane Aldridge we published in the April 2012 issue, written by Jason Sheeler, underwent this very same process. Both the writer and the fact-checker contacted Jane multiple times throughout the editing process to clarify details, and Judy Aldridge, as Jane’s spokesperson, confirmed figures, quotes, and biographical details with our fact-checker through several phone calls. (Judy did contest the figure “several hundred thousand dollars” of investment in the blog given to the writer by Bryan Aldridge; when we could not contact him because he was out of the country, we chose to also include the number she provided, ‘closer to $70,000.’) We stand by the reporting in this story. In Jimmy Choo stiletto heels.”

Nice touch.


  • Love the Jimmy Choo line.

    Sheeler (who has also written for D Magazine) and Aldridge are scheduled to appear together at Neiman Marcus next week for a party slash Q&A session conducted by Sheeler. First suggested question: “Are you calling me a liar?”

  • DGirl

    Jason Sheeler is one of the best profile writers to come along in quite a while. He’s a great writer, a smart guy and even better, a NICE person. Go Team Jason.